What Is A 3D Print Network To Do Now?

With Solidworks’ announcement of an integrated manufacturing network, questions arise regarding the future of existing community making networks. 


Wevolver Is A Different Kind Of Repository

There are countless web-based 3D model repositories, but none are quite like Wevolver, who focus on actually doing practical something with your 3D prints.


WI3DP: Madelynn Martiniere

Madelynn Martiniere is in the business of community engineering for technology companies. Over the past 5 years she has worked alongside both startups and large corporations alike to bring about the new hardware revolution.


Scan and Make Links Makers of Many Types

There are several “linkup services” that join buyers to makers, but Scan and Make has a different angle than we’ve seen before. 


We Are Not All Makers

An article in The Atlantic proposes that maker culture focuses too much on “creating” and not enough on other aspects. 


3D Printing Reawakens The Maker In You

100 years ago, people knew how to make things. They weren’t necessarily complex things, but they made them. Today, we’ve largely forgotten those skills. 


3D Printer Built by Thirteen Year Old

The Times of India reports on a teenager who’s successfully constructed his own DIY 3D printer. While many people have built 3D printers from kits or parts, it’s interesting to see the age of builders decrease to the mid-teens. What are the implications? 

3D Systems

Will MAKEWithMOTO Visit Your City?

It’s a summer-long road trip for several folks from Motorola, who are promoting the idea of “making” by driving a kind of mobile makerspace around


Makeshop Seeks Beta Testers

A new 3D model startup is looking for beta testers. Makeshop hopes to provide services to 3D designers and owners of 3D printers – and


Introducing Mak3D

Opening in “late August 2012”, Mak3D is billed as the “World’s first 3D printing co-working environment”. Located on London’s Brick Lane across from the notable


Calling Makers: Emergency Dome Needed!

We wondered what Effalo’s next project might be, and now we know for certain: It’s a much larger geodesic dome, apparently to be used in


Ten Year Old Speaks on 3D Printing

3D Printing always gets people excited whenever we mention it, and this excitement is all over. Consider the YouTube video of ten year old Schuyler


What Can I Make For You?

There’s another option for makers to keep their fabbers running: What Can I Make For You? is a web service that links consumers to makers.



As often is the case, and experiment leads to a hobby, leads to a business and sometimes to a multinational corporation. In this case the


MakerFaire Video

Take a look at a great video from the recent MakerFaire where:  Bre Prettis of MakerBot provides a brief explanation of their hobby 3D printer


MakerBot Calibration Hoedown

Members of Kansas City’s Cowtown Computer Congress had an unusual event: 3D Printer Calibration Night. That’s right, members brought in their MakerBot 3D printers in


Maker Culture

Great article on Maker Culture from Re/Creating Tampa, where they contrast 21st Century maker activities with historical events in the United States. They explain how


Pleasant Tuning of a MakerBot

Pleasant Hardware’s blog deals with the nuts and bolts of 3D printing, and recently they’ve been doing experiments with their MakerBot. One of the experiments


Gadgetoff 2009

We noticed MakerBot made an appearance at this year’s Gadgetoff in September in New York City. They showed off their amazing Cupcake 3D printer kit,


Maker Faire 2008

Every year makers of wonderful things congregate at the Maker Faire. This year it was held on May 3 and 4 in San Mateo, California,

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