Markforged Names New CEO

Markforged Names New CEO

Boston-based Markforged has announced a change in executive structure.

3D Printing Hiking Equipment

3D Printing Hiking Equipment

Charles R. Goulding and Peter Favata take a hike — with help from 3D printing.


The Metal X 3D Printer Gains Copper Metal

Markforged announced the availability of a new metal for their Metal X system: copper. We have the reasons why this is so important.


Why The Rush To Metal 3D Printing?

Why are so many new metal 3D printing companies and services emerging? There are three main reasons for this growth in additive manufacturing.


What? Desktop Metal Is Doing Desktop Plastic?

Desktop Metal announced a continuous carbon fiber 3D printer, the Fiber, which uses a version of the industrial AFP (automated fiber placement) process to produce very strong parts.

carbon fiber

Metal And Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Farms

3D printer farms aren’t a new concept — but the advantages of grouping together high-strength 3D printing units are growing. Markforged has just introduced its


Peak Testing For 3D Printed Parts

SolidEngineer CEO Björn Lindwall successfully scaled Mount Everest using 3D printed climbing gear and equipment, showing peak testing in real-world conditions.

$Markforged vs Desktop Metal

Markforged Files Claim Against Desktop Metal, Again

A lawsuit between Markforged and Desktop Metal? The two companies begin court battle again with Markforged claiming disparaging marketing material by Desktop Metal.

Markforged Forges On With Blacksmith AI

Markforged Forges On With Blacksmith AI

Greg Mark, CEO of Markforged, tells us it’s “definitely the most exciting thing we’ve announced” as the company introduces its foray into artificial intelligence.

carbon fiber

Markforged Shuffles Product Line

3D printer manufacturer Markforged has introduced a couple of new machines that alters their product lineup considerably.

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