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Who Is Clean Green 3D?

The MCOR Technologies ArkePro full color 3D printer, which uses paper, has been resurrected.


The End of Mcor Technologies?

It appears the end is near for Mcor Technologies, as we have indications they are in receivership.


Few Ways To 3D Print In Full Color

Color 3D printing is a bit of a rarity in today’s world, but it does exist and can be done in several ways.


Mcor Sneaks Out The ARKePro

Call us surprised; Mcor Technologies seems to have released a new 3D printer without a lot of fanfare.


MCOR’s AWR: Automatic Post Processing

We haven’t heard much from MCOR lately, but they’ve just developed a new feature that should save considerable post processing time. 


MCOR’s New Iris HD Color 3D Printer

Ireland-based MCOR Technologies added a couple of letters to their flagship color 3D printer, the Iris: H and D. It’s now an “HD Color 3D Printer”. 


The Two Business Models of 3D Printing

We’re reading a post on The Motley Fool focusing on MCOR’s paper-powered 3D printer. It got us thinking about how 3D printing companies make their money. 


Kodak Alaris Partnering with MCOR?

We observed something rather strange at CES last week. MCOR showed their amazing paper-based color 3D printer, the Iris, as you might expect, but we


Inside the Mcor IRIS

At Euromold 2012 we managed to get deep inside the Mcor IRIS color 3D paper printer. This device uses standard paper as it’s build material.


MCOR Rolls Out the Matrix 300+

MCOR announced their new Matrix 300+ paper-based 3D printer. This device is similar to the 300, but offers improved performance in how the models are


The Mcor Iris Color 3D Printer

Irish-based Mcor announced a new 3D printer: the Mcor Iris. The Iris is a major twist on their unique paper-based 3D printing approach; it provides


MCOR’s 3D Christmas Cards

MCOR’s 3D paper printer created a rather unique design for a Christmas card: a 3D object emerges from the (thick) card when you open it.


Unlimited 3D Printing For Only $10K?

We’ve found out a bit more about MCOR’s intriguing free 3D printing program, called “freeDrevolution”. As we wrote earlier, the idea is to give you


Free 3D Printers!

We wrote about a mysterious program from MCOR in which they hinted they’d be giving away 3D printers at no charge. Certainly this deserves some


Something Cooking at MCOR?

MCOR makes 3D printers that use inexpensive common paper as their print material, and they’ve been relatively successful. But we’re hearing something rather strange about


MCOR Gets a New Chair

MCOR, makers of the very unusual paper-based 3D printer, have announced they’ve appointed a new chair of their board of directors. The Irish-born Ryan has


MCOR Prints The President

3D paper printer manufacturer MCOR recently scored a coup by not only meeting with the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese, to discuss 3D printing at


MCOR Establishes US Base

3D Paper printer manufacturer has crossed the ocean to set up an American office for the first time. Up til now the company has operated


MCOR on Golem

MCOR chief Conor MacCormack was interviewed by German IT news site Golem, in which he takes us on a detailed technical tour of their amazing


MCOR Nominated For Award

MCOR, manufacturers of the paper-based Matrix 300 3D Printer have been nominated for the Irish Technology Leadership Group (ITLG)/Irish Times technology company award. This will


See The MCOR 3D Paper Printer In Action

There’s a new video on YouTube showing a glimpse of the MCOR Matrix 300, a 3D printer that prints using common paper as its build


MCOR’s 3D Paper Printers On Sale

MCOR produces the world’s only 3D printer that uses paper as its print material. This makes it among the least expensive devices to operate, since


MCOR’s Talents

Here’s a new challenge specific to a particular 3D Printer: the Freedom of Creations (FOC) Talents design brief Quarter 4 2010 requests “end product application


MCOR Paper Printers In The Wild

MCOR’s Matrix 300 paper-based 3D printer is now in use at various industrial and educational institutions in the UK.    The Matrix 300 has been


MCOR Prints A Car

MCOR’s Matrix 300, the 3D printer that prints in plain paper, was recently used by design students from London’s Royal College of Art to produce


3D iPhone Covers Now Available

We wrote last month about Freedom of Creation’s venture into printing with the MCOR paper-based 3D printer. They were playing with some rather colourful iPhone

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