Apple Shocks With LiDAR-Equipped iPad

Apple has surprisingly introduced a new iPad that includes a LiDAR depth sensor, potentially allowing the introdution of new, inexpensive mobile 3D scanning systems.


The Calibry Handheld 3D Scanner

The Calibry handheld 3D scanner is a highly flexible and accurate device that can capture detailed 3D models of many subjects, at a very low cost.

$Mobile Microscopic 3D Prints

3D Printed Microbots Are Powered By Vibration

3D printed microbots are now possible due to the invention of a method to power two photon polymerized prints using external vibrations.


Generating 3D Models from Video?

Have you heard of “continuous-time structure from motion”? You may hear a lot more soon. 


MyMiniFactory Has An App!

MyMiniFactory is well known for their now-huge site providing a wealth of printable 3D models, but now they have an app, too.


AstroPrint Releases a Mobile App

We’ve learned that AstroPrint has produced mobile apps that work with their popular 3D printer set top box. 


The Portabee Go 3D Printer

What’s the latest from Portabee? The “Go”, a mobile 3D printer. 


The 3D Printed noPhone

It is 3D printed and it’s not a phone. It’s the noPhone!


Taipei’s Mobile 3D Printer

Fabraft, a Taipei-based design company has combined 3D printing, trash picking and a bicycle to create something very unusual.


The Structure Sensor

The folks who developed Skanect, one of the best software solutions for 3D scanning with your Microsoft Kinect, have launched a new scanning venture: the


Kees 3D Printed Cases

We’ve run across a new 3D print service called “Kees”, which specializes in personalized mobile phone cases. While there seems to be oh, a zillion


Nokia’s 3D Printing Adventure

Nokia has long used 3D printing internally to design cases and shapes for their handsets, but now they’re permitting customers to do the same.   


SparkLab: BuildMobile

Of all the Kickstarter-style 3DP projects we’ve seen lately, the SparkLab concept may be the most valuable to society. No, you won’t get a fancy


3D Print From Your Android Phone

Several tools have emerged that permit viewing or even development of 3D models on your iPad or iPhone – although intricate modeling on an iPhone

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