Behind the Within Reach Design Challenge

Something really exciting is happening right now in the 3D printing industry. It’s called the Within Reach Design Challenge (#WithinReach3DP Challenge on social media). 


WI3DP: Mary Visser

Prof. Mary Visser, Holder of the Herman Brown Chair teaches sculpture and 3D modeling at Southwestern University. 


WI3DP: Elizabeth Rogers

I believe Elizabeth Rogers is one of those few people who truly follow their dreams of changing the world. Elizabeth is the founder of Kuunda 3D, an organization that aims to kickstart and support the 3D printing ecosystem in Tanzania and other developing countries through education and the distribution of products & services. 


WI3DP: Xiomara Lorenzo

Xiomara Lorenzo is a designer and artist who loves to do beautiful and meaningful work. Her take on the meaning of life as well as on personal growth serves as the inspiration for her line.


WI3DP: Natalia Krasnodebska

Natalia is an accomplished designer who discovered her passion for jewelry creation only after first leading herself to neuroscience studies. 


WI3DP: Rachel Nhan

Rachel Nhan was among the featured designers on the runway. Rachel became famous in the 3D Printing industry thanks to her 3D Printed Neckpiece, before even graduating!


WI3DP: Madelynn Martiniere

Madelynn Martiniere is in the business of community engineering for technology companies. Over the past 5 years she has worked alongside both startups and large corporations alike to bring about the new hardware revolution.


WI3DP: Darlene Farris LaBar

Darlene Farris-LaBar is both an associate professor of art at East Stroudsburg University and an internationally known artist who makes art about the natural environment. 

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