3D Printing is a Mini-Trend

A recent post by John Vanston in VentureBeat proposes that 3D printing (or “Advanced Digital Manufacturing (ADM)” as they term it) is a Minitrend “particularly applicable to large companies.” Vanston has written a book, “MINITRENDS: How Innovators & Entrepreneurs Discover Profit From Business & Technology Trends”. He says:    Advanced digital manufacturing (ADM) processes build… Continue reading 3D Printing is a Mini-Trend

3D Food Printing on CNN

We’ve just been informed that CNN has a piece focused on 3D food printing. Reporter Laurie Segall interviews French Culinary Institute Chef David Arnold, who’s been experimenting with a Fab@Home printer, specially modified for printing food items. Not yet any food ingredients, but “any form of paste” as Arnold explains. Arnold says they’ve experimented with cake… Continue reading 3D Food Printing on CNN

3D Printing In The News

This week saw not one, but two big media splashes for 3D Printing: First, a New York Times article introduced the topic to their readers, and secondly (perhaps triggered by the NYT article) MakerBot chief Bre Prettis was interviewed live on CNN in front of (presumably) millions. There was also a brief mention in Scientific… Continue reading 3D Printing In The News

3D Printing Featured On Science Friday

Science Friday’s Flora Lichtman visits 3D Printer designer Jim Smith and his extraordinary new device at his workshop. Erm, his living room. Now we finally understand why Jim decided to include a fume extractor on his printer!    Jim explains in basic terms what a 3D printer does and how it works, pointing out the… Continue reading 3D Printing Featured On Science Friday

3D Printing Timelines

TeamTeamUSA prepared two very cool timelines on Dipty, the site that lets you create, well, timelines! The first (pictured) is “2010: The Year in DIY 3D Printing”, and includes many notable events that took place last year. The second is “2011: 3D Printing Predictions”, where speculative events are envisioned, including (at the time of this… Continue reading 3D Printing Timelines

10,000 MakerBots?

Joris Peels of i.Materialise guest-posted 11 provocative predictions for 3D printing on TechCrunch this week, and one of them caused us to ponder whether it could really happen. No, it’s not the “Bre Pettis will appear on the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek magazine in 2011” – that’s entirely unpredictable. We’re more interested in the “Makerbot… Continue reading 10,000 MakerBots?

3D Printing in 2010

A year ago we posted our “wishes for 2010“. Did any of them come true? Let’s take a look:   A consumer capable 3D printer: This didn’t happen, but clearly big steps were taken in that direction. Three events were key for us: MakerBot’s Thing-O-Matic, which automated much of the operation of a 3D printer… Continue reading 3D Printing in 2010

BfB Acquisition Reactions From Across The Interwebs

There have been many opinions raised after the blockbuster announcement of 3D Systems acquiring Bits From Bytes. The official announcements are here and here. We scoured the web to find reactions:     European Plastics News: gained a 17% share of the worldwide 3D printer market in its first year of operation.    Rachel Park:  My… Continue reading BfB Acquisition Reactions From Across The Interwebs

MakerBot on CBS Evening News!

They’ve hit the big time, hopefully. Last night’s CBS Evening News featured MakerBot’s Cupcake CNC printer and a very brief segment with ‘Bot mandarin Bre Prettis (left), who explained:     A MakerBot is this magical device that turns ideas into objects… It’s a new way of thinking about how we get objects.     The report… Continue reading MakerBot on CBS Evening News!

Matthew du Plessis on 3D Printing

Matthew du Plessis, columnist at the Times Live, provided his thoughts on the world of 3D printing. While he begins with the obligatory comparison to Star Trek replicators (“Tea, Earl Grey, Hot!“), he then recognizes the potential of the future:    … I think it’s fair to say, without any hyperbole or undue exaggeration, that… Continue reading Matthew du Plessis on 3D Printing