3D Print Industry Supports Ukraine With Silent Auction

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A silent 3D print auction to support Ukraine [Source: 3YOURMIND]

A silent auction set for next week intends on providing direct support to Ukraine.

Proceeds from the auction will be used to directly support:

  • Advanced manufacturing of parts needed now for medical and aerospace
  • Educational workshops to train Ukrainian refugees in 3D printing technologies

The auction is being hosted by 3YOURMIND, a Berlin-based software company providing complex and efficient workflow solutions for additive manufacturing operations. They persuaded a few initial donations from 3D print companies, which have been followed by many more. Sarah Goehrke of Nexa3D (formerly Fabbaloo’s Managing Editor) is organizing the project, with plenty more details here. She explains:

“Avi (Reichental, Nexa3D CEO) and Terry Wohlers spearheaded initializing the project, and Terry and I took it to organizers at SME. I’m working directly with SME and all donating companies to coordinate. 100% of proceeds will go directly to Ukraine. An NGO is supporting the auction funds to route appropriately.”

Items on the donation list for auction vary considerably, but all are relevant to the 3D print community. Items include 3D printers, software licenses, print services, data, printed items, 3D print materials, and artwork. There’s something for everyone.

Each item has a starting bid and an estimated donation value. As of this writing, the donations total now exceeds US$230,000, with more donators likely appearing this week. Pricing on the items ranges from a US$69,000 software license to US$150 artwork, so there are items for both individuals and companies to consider.

The silent auction itself will take place during RAPID+TCT next week, from Tuesday, May 17th, 10 am (EDT) through Thursday, May 19th, 12 pm (EDT). The auction organizers have also set up a PayPal link for direct donations, which will be accepted after the auction closes.


“We invite all companies with speaking engagements at RAPID + TCT 2022 to use some of their stage time to inform audiences of this initiative and auction. SME will also promote the auction through signage directing visitors toward participating companies’ booths and toward the virtual auction platform.”

We support this initiative and call on companies to consider donating hardware, services, materials or prints to the cause. Individuals in the community should consider bidding during the silent auction, because even if you don’t win, your bid will drive up the price slightly and drive up the total donation value for Ukraine.


By Kerry Stevenson

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