AMT Secures Major Funding

By on October 29th, 2021 in Corporate, news

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Parts arranged in an AMT post processing device for smoothing [Source: Fabbaloo]

AMT scored a huge US$15M Series B financing round.

The UK-based company produces advanced 3D print post processing gear. Typically 3D prints fresh off the printer are unsuitable for end use due to surface quality, support structures and powder removal.

While these issues have been typically resolved using manual techniques or “dumb” devices, that’s no longer acceptable for those operating large-scale 3D printing production farms. In fact, one of the primary cost elements in producing a print is the labor required. If manual labor is used to post process prints in a large operation, then the costs will skyrocket. AMT indicates this can “account for up to 60% of the part cost.”

AMT’s concept is to automate 3D print post processing through the use of intelligent devices. Currently, they offer the following:

  • PostPro SF100 (Vapor Smoothing)
  • PostPro SF50 (Vapor Smoothing)
  • PostPro DP Max (Depowdering)
  • PostPro DP Pro (Depowdering)
  • PostPro DP (Depowdering)

Their equipment handles prints from a wide variety of 3D printers, including those using the SLS, MJF, HSS, FFF, FGF and HSE processes. The intelligent equipment has specific programs for material types that provides optimal post processing in both quality of results and time to achieve them.

The news this week is that AMT has attracted a huge investment round of US$15M from existing investor Foresight Group, as well as a number of new investors.

What will AMT do with this fresh cash? They explain:

“The funding will support the roll out of the new generation of the world’s number one chemical vapor surface finishing system called PostPro SF, delivering AMT’s Digital Manufacturing System (PostPro DMS), while also scaling the company’s commercial operations. Additionally, AMT will continue to invest in, and protect, the company’s growing IP portfolio, which includes over 40 granted and pending patents.”

It appears that AMT will spend the bulk of the funds on sales, and this makes sense. They’ve built useful products, but have to get them out to all corners of the globe. Of course, they’ll also continue development, and I expect they’ll come forward with new equipment announcements in good time.

My suspicion is that the investors believe, like myself, that we are on the verge of significant adoption of additive manufacturing by industry. Several parties in the space are positioning for this development, and when that happens there will be greatly increased demand for industrial-capable equipment and materials.

But when you have prints, you will also need post processing, and automated post processing more specifically. For every 3D print produced, there will likely be capacity required for automated post processing, and that could be a massive market.


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