Anouk Wipprecht Releases Mind-Controlled, 3D Printed ScreenDress

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ScreenDress by Anouk Wipprecht [Source: VoxelMatters]

Designed with Onshape, manufactured with the new HP Jet Fusion 5420W system.

A mind-controlled, 3D printed dress with displays that respond through a brain-computer interface. The new ScreenDress masterpiece, created by Dutch FashionTech Designer Anouk Wipprecht is going to be released during the Ars Electronica Festival, this September 6-11th in Linz, Austria. The 3D printed ScreenDress was designed using PTC’s Onshape software and manufactured using MJF technology by HP.

Measuring cognitive load in real-time, the ScreenDress shows you how much stimulus your brain receives at any given time, and it’s a lot! The term ‘cognitive load’ refers to the amount of information our working memory can process at any given time.

What would happen if you could show your cognitive load to the outside world? Increased stress, fatigue, and frustration with your normal daily activities can indicate that cognitive overload is affecting your actions. This project shows the direct correlations between actions and how the brain reacts to them.

ScreenDress Brain Interface

ScreenDress by Anouk Wipprecht [Source: VoxelMatters]

As a brain-monitoring 3D printed dress embedded with screens, the aptly named ScreenDress creates a technologically mediated dialogue between the person wearing the dress and the surroundings. Fashion becomes a new kind of interconnection, one controlled by subconscious signals from the wearer’s brain.

These signals are picked up using a new cutting-edge EEG sensor that forms a wearable brain-computer interface. The interface uses machine learning to determine the mental workload of the wearer. The workload is then reflected in real-time on the six circular displays flaring out from the dress’s sculpted neckpiece.

As the wearer’s mental workload increases towards saturation, each display shows an iris and pupil dilating wider and wider. This, in turn, creates an alienesque spectacle of eyes around the wearer. The EEG sensor is a (3D printed) new 4-channel BCI headset, called Unicorn Headband, developed by NeuroTechcompany g.tec with the help of the designer.

The machine-learning software that estimates mental workload is tuned to each wearer during a two-minute training session when they first wear the dress. Not just FashionTech, but NeuroTech Fashion!

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