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Emerging Technologies Word Search [Source: Amazon]

This week’s selection is “Emerging Technologies Word Search” by HecTech Silverstone.

This is a bit unusual for our Book of the Week. Normally we select a technical book that provides insight into some technology or another, or perhaps helps one with the processes necessary to complete a project.

This book is none of those.

In fact, it’s purely for entertainment: it’s a book of word searches.

Word searches are those idle-time games where words are hidden in a large matrix of letters. The player uses pattern-recognition skills to stroke off all the words hidden on the page.

Many people don’t “do” word searches, but I know of several that do, and they’re quite passionate about them. As for myself, I am not a word search person.

But you might be.

The difference in this word search book is that the puzzles all focus on emerging technologies. Another way to explain this is that the words you’ll be seeking are from the tech world, including games on “Digital Twin”, “Robotics & Automation”, “Bioprinting”, and “Printing Technology”. In all there are 80 different word puzzles to solve on different tech topics.

The book also provides solutions.

If you’re a 3D printer operator and also happen to be a word search person, this is clearly the book for you.

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