CADENAS Updates 3DFindIt

CADENAS has provided big updates to their online part-finding service 3DFindIt, and at the same time is to migrate users off of PARTcommunity.

DEFCAD Morphs into a Search Engine

You might remember DEFCAD? It was a site dedicated to hosting “controversial” 3D models that underwent some difficulties when the US Government seized their inventory of 3D printable weapon models. We thought that might be the end for DEFCAD.    Apparently not. A visit to DEFCAD shows they’ve changed the site into a meta-search engine… Continue reading DEFCAD Morphs into a Search Engine

Let Yeggi Find Your 3D Models

Unless you’re a capable 3D designer, you’ll have to find pre-made 3D models to send to your 3D printer. This can be problematic for a couple of reasons: searching for non-textual items is always difficult; there are an increasing number of 3D model repositories to search.    The latter is partially solved by the strangely… Continue reading Let Yeggi Find Your 3D Models