Carima CMYK Resin: Revolutionary Nontoxic 3D Printing Material Now Easily Accessible in the US and Canada

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3D printing with the unusual CMYK Resin set [Source: Fabbaloo]


Carima’s nontoxic CYMK resin just got a lot more accessible.

Carima is a Korean company that produces DLP 3D printers for industry, as well as some very interesting 3D printer resins.

One of the resins is CMYK Resin, which we’re written about in the past. This resin — actually it’s a set of resins — has two distinguishing features:

  • You can mix resins from the set to create any color
  • The resin is marked as Nontoxic

Let’s review these one at a time.

The complete CMYK Resin set [Source: Fabbaloo]

The CMYK Resin set is composed of six 500ml bottles. Included are:

  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • White
  • Clear

Note the “CMYK” name refers back to the old days of 2D printing when printheads would mix (C)yan, (M)agenta, (Y)ellow and Blac(k) to create any specific color. While “RGB” is most often used to create colors on screen, “CMYK” was used in 2D printing. Black was included because CMY alone cannot create a proper black. The same is true in 3D printing.

White 3D print made with CMYK Resin [Source: Carima]

The Carima CMYK Resin set also includes White and Clear, making all kinds of interesting colors possible. The Clear resin can be easily tinted with any of the other colors to create a translucent resin that can be quite attractive.

It is also possible to 3D print resin objects in multiple colors using the CMYK resin. All you need to do is put a very small amount of resin in the 3D printer’s tank, and then as it runs out, pour in a different color. This gradually transitions to a new color as the print proceeds.

Clear 3D CMYK Resin [Source: Carima]

The CMYK Resin is also classified as nontoxic. This is highly unusual for a 3D printer resin, as other resins are universally toxic, and require special handling. That handling usually includes nitrile gloves, eye protection, sleeves, etc., to guard against accidental exposure to the toxic resin.

The Carima CMYK Resin is quite different in that it includes a far lower proportion of toxic elements than every other 3D printer resin. The proportions are so low that the product can be legally classified as “nontoxic”. However, we always recommend using personal protection in all resin 3D printing operations.

Non-toxicity is unique feature found on no other 3D printer resin. Using this resin would drastically reduce any probability of a toxic reaction, and enable those sensitive to 3D printer resin to potentially resume 3D printing activities.

It is also possible to 3D print nontoxic children’s toys with this material.

Clear 3D print made with CMYK Resin [Source: Carima]

The resins are sensitive for both 385nm and 405nm wavelengths, making them suitable for the vast majority of desktop 3D printers.

The Carima CMYK Resin is quite an amazing product, as we found out during our hands on review from earlier this year.

As amazing as this resin is, it has been a bit difficult to obtain in the West. Now that’s changing, as Carima has set up new US and Canadian Amazon stores. This allows anyone with a 3D printer to far more easily order and obtain the resin, with minimized shipping costs.

Carima has also offers a powerful cleaning detergent, RD-229, which is odorless and matches well with the CMYK Resin set.

If you operate a desktop resin 3D printer and would like to try a nontoxic way to create your own unique print colors, we recommend giving Carina’s CMYK Resin a test.

Via Carima, Amazon US and Amazon CA

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