CEAD Builds 36 Meter Long Mega II 3D Printer for Al Seer Marine

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36m polymer 3D printer [Source: 3DPMN]

The multi-robot rail system is now the largest polymer 3D printer in the world.

Sometimes a photo is worth a thousand words and this may be one of those times. Meet the Mega II, the world’s largest 3D printer, created by composites LFAM specialist CEAD for Al Seer Marine, the leading marine company in the Arabian maritime region, with a portfolio of services that range from yacht manufacturing to unmanned systems, boat operation and catering to all needs of marine operators and end-users.

36m polymer 3D printer [Source: 3DPMN]

The 36-meter state-of-the-art Mega II system can produce large-scale manufacturing complex designs from a small spare part to a large vessel, with unparalleled speed and precision.

With Mega II industries such as maritime, aerospace, and rail can now push the boundaries of what’s possible, taking manufacturing to new heights. The power-packed pellet extrusion LFAM system, featuring two robots on rails, can produce lengths up to 36 meters and widths up to 5 meters, making it a game-changer for many industries.

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