Design of the Week: 2024 Shutter Shades

By on January 1st, 2024 in Design, news

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2024 Shutter Shades [Source: Printables]

This week’s selection is the 2024 Shutter Shades by Printables contributor Teque5.

What could be more appropriate for New Year’s Day than a pair of 3D printed 2024 shades? Sure, they would have been useful last night, but there’s no reason to not wear them today as well.

This design has a couple of interesting features.

First, it’s very easy to print. It’s three mostly-flat pieces that don’t require support to print. Since they’re flat, they don’t take long to print, either.

The second interesting aspect is the method of connecting the arms to the shades. Here it’s done with a “filament hinge”. Basically the 3D model has a hole that’s just about the same as a 1.75mm filament. This means you don’t need extra parts, just snip off two short segments of filament and jam it into the hinge holes.

If the hole is too tight due to the execution of your 3D printer, it’s always possible to ream out the hole slightly to make it better fit the filament.

Note that if you print the shades with PLA, it will work fine but be somewhat brittle. In other words, it could break if sat upon. The shades can also soften in a hot summer car.

It’s recommended you print these in a higher temperature material, such as ASA or PETG. ABS is not recommended at all because it degrades when exposed to UV light (sunlight), whereas ASA does not.

Via Printables

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