Design of the Week: Armed Chicken Arms

3D printed Armed Chicken Arms [Source: Thingiverse]

This week’s selection is “Armed Chicken Arms” by Max.

Designer Max from Latvia recently published this highly unusual 3D model, which is a cosplay item for, well, chickens.

The idea is that you strap this item on over the chicken’s back and suddenly the armless chicken will have arms!

The original 3D printed Chicken Arms model [Source: My3DPrintHelp]

The “armed chicken” concept became popular a couple of months ago, with designs transforming common chickens into Tyrannosaurus-like beasts with the required tiny arms. You might not be aware, but birds are actually dinosaurs that have somehow survived until today, and thus a chicken might somehow be distantly related to that Jurrasic predator, but with wings instead of tiny arms.

Many posts on social media portrayed the armed chicken 3D print, which was also designed by the same Max. It was certainly a fun exercise, especially if you happened to own a chicken or two.

However, if you search for “armed chicken”, you actually find many images of chickens with weapons. Clearly there was some ambiguity with the term “armed chicken”.

Max sought to resolve this dilemma by creating a new design: the Armed Chicken Arms. This model includes the “normal” chicken arms, but modifies the design to enable the hands to hold, you guessed it — weapons!

Weaponry selection for the 3D printed Armed Chicken Arms model [Source: Thingiverse]

The 3D model consists of the one-piece arms plus a series of interchangeable weaponry to equip your chicken. The weapons include a pitchfork, sword, battle axe, gun lifter, and frying pan. All items are sized to fit perfectly into the hands. You can put one in each chicken hand. For example, the deadly chicken can be armed with a sword and gun, or alternatively a frying pan and lifter.

I’m hoping the chicken is not intended to cook eggs. Hm.

This new animal cosplay genre might become a lot more popular. We’ve already seen some 3D printed cat accessories, so it may not be long before inventive designers set to work on dogs, ferrets and perhaps even fish.

Via Thingiverse and My3DPrintHelp

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