Using Calibry With 3DMeasureUp

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Using Calibry With 3DMeasureUp
Calibry 3D body scan being used in 3DMeasureUp [Source: Thor3D]

Thor3D announced a partnership with ProtoTech to allow for Calibry 3D scans to be used with 3DMeasureUp.

You haven’t heard of 3DMeasureUp? It’s an interesting service that uses 3D body scans to provide accurate measurements. They accept as input a 3D body scan and then compute the dimensions of various intersecting planes to “measure” the body.

Here’s an image showing how the concept works:

Measuring a body from a 3D scan [Source: 3DMeasureUp]

3DMeasureUp can also work in real time, and provides several solution platforms including an API and apps. They price their platform based on the number of scans expected per month, and have a 15-day free trial offer.

This is not so much a consumer technology as it is more of a back-end API service for proper end-use applications. For example, if you were developing a 3D print-a-fashion-on-demand system, you could use 3DMeasureUp to compute the necessary dimensions before you produce that 3D printed t-shirt.

The news today is that Thor3D has partnered with ProtoTech to allow for direct use of Calibry 3D scans with 3DMeasureUp.

Calibry is Thor3D’s flagship handheld 3D scanning system, which is one of the easiest 3D scanners I have used. It’s also available at a terrific price as compared to almost any other high-resolution handheld 3D scanner. I wrote a detailed review of the Calibry 3D scanner a few months ago.

Outstanding 3D body scan obtained with the Calibry handheld 3D scanner [Source: Fabbaloo]

What is the purpose of this partnership? Thor3D’s Sales Director Vadim Fomichev said:

“Calibry is already well known for being easy-to-use 3D scanner, which yet provides hi-res scan data on a professional level. Since its launch, the device has been widely used for body scanning, but mostly in medical and elite sports industries. Now, we are ready to take the new markets.”

This suggests that the Calibry system will be now be used in a wider variety of applications as many 3DMeasureUp applications now have an additional hardware option to consider.

It’s likely that there will be many more sales of Calibry equipment due to this arrangement, particularly as there are an increasing number of customized solutions being developed.

For 3DMeasureUp, it could mean additional applications of their service, as the low cost of the Calibry system could enable many more ventures to financially justify their projects. It’s a win-win for both parties, apparently.

Via Thor3D and 3DMeasureUp

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