Design of the Week: Croc Toes

By on February 19th, 2024 in Design, news

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Croc Toes 3D print [Source: Cults]

This week’s selection are the Croc Toes by Cults contributor HBRDL.

Do you wear Crocs? They are very popular — and quite comfortable. I wear them all the time when doing yard work, but there’s a way to enhance — or destroy — their appearance.

The Croc Toes 3D model is a series of “human toes” that are separately 3D printed. They’re designed to have a mounting point that coincidentally matches the holes on standard Crocs perfectly.

It’s then possible to adorn your Crocs with artificial toes that stick out as if our own feet were weirdly mutated. I did say “enhance or destroyed”, remember?

Croc Toes 3D model [Source: Cults]

This is an easy print to do, and it is even possible to print it in multiple colors if you have a multi-filament 3D printer. In that case you’d paint the nails to use a different filament color, and they’d come out as shown at top.

On the other hand, if you have no multicolor capability, then it’s pretty easy to paint the nails. You could even use actual nail polish.

To use the Croc Toes, simply print the 3D model and insert them into your Crocs. Or better yet, someone else’s Crocs!

The toes are available for purchase on Cults for just over US$1.

Via Cults

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