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By on November 7th, 2022 in Design, news

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The 3D printed Nose Box [Source: DaveMakesStuff / YouTube]

This week’s selection is the amusing “Nose Box” by DaveMakesStuff.

Canadian designer DaveMakesStuff has produced quite a number of highly unusual 3D printable designs, and they are available for download on many different online 3D model repositories.

DaveMakesStuff has previously been selected for our Design of the Week, for his incredible wormhole chess board – a weird 3D chess set that is actually playable.

This time, however, we’re selecting his “Nose Box” design.

One quick glance at the Nose Box will help you understand the naming of this unusual piece. It’s actually a cover for a standard size tissue box.

Small lid seals in tissue boxes inside the 3D printed Nose Box [Source: DaveMakesStuff / YouTube]

The weight of the cover helps hold down the lightweight cardboard tissue box when yanking out a tissue, making it a one-handed operation.

The design was published recently, as DaveMakesStuff explains:

“Make Flu Season more festive this year with this offbeat Nose Box tissue dispenser! Give it to a friend? Bring it to the office? Who nose, it just might catch on!”

Here’s a video of the Nose Box in action:

The Nose Box includes two parts: the main “nose box” and a sliding lid that can hold down the 110 x 110 x 113 mm tissue box.

DaveMakesStuff recommends printing the main box upside down to eliminate the need for support structures.

Due to the size of this item, it’s possible to produce this on any desktop 3D printer quite easily. I suspect this would even fit on most resin 3D printers, as well.

DaveMakesStuff has made this item available for download on Thangs, so anyone with a 3D printer can make a Nose Box.

I quite like this design because it incorporates 3D scanning, personalization and a bit of humor all into a simple object that also happens to be quite functional. It’s also very easy to 3D print.

Now I’m wondering if there are other body parts that can be incorporated into household items. Do you have any ideas?

Via Thangs

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