Design of the Week: Queen Elizabeth II

By on September 19th, 2022 in Design, news

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3D model of Queen Elizabeth II [Source: Vlad / CGTrader]

This week’s selection is the 3D model of Queen Elizabeth II by CGTrader contributor Vlad.

Vlad is a prolific digital at CGTrader, offering a number of highly detailed 3D models mostly made using the ZBrush 3D sculpting tool. His models include: Elvis, MLK, Tupac, FDR, Eminem, Jason Statham, Pope Francis and many others.

One that caught my eye was his detailed 3D model of Queen Elizabeth II.

As everyone knows, Her Majesty passed away last week after serving 70 years as Queen of the UK and other realms. At the incredible age of 96, this was not unexpected.

Nevertheless, the Queen’s work over her many years in public life touched many, and that’s evident in the astounding interest in her funeral, which just happens to be underway today.

3D model of Queen Elizabeth II [Source: Vlad / CGTrader]

I thought it would be most appropriate to select a 3D model of the Queen for this week’s Design of the Week. However, finding one was much more challenging that I had thought. As a leading public figure — and one that’s been around almost forever — I thought there would be many excellent models available.

There are not. In fact, many of the “QE2” models I found were quite terrible and almost all of them did not look like the Queen in any way. I almost thought designers were simply plopping a random woman’s head on a Queen-like body.

That’s where Vlad’s design comes in. It was literally the only 3D model I found that resembled the Queen and portrayed her properly.

The design includes two versions, one with a stand and the other without. There are also two variations of the eyes available. Vlad said it is “ready for printing”.

Vlad has posted “Queen Elizabeth II” on CGTrader, where it can be purchased for US$59.

Via CGTrader

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