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This week’s selection is the Unique Clock by aerospace engineer Hans Ecke.

Many 3D prints are of a single part with unusual or useful geometry. However, things can get far more interesting when multiple parts are assembled together into a complex machine design, and that’s certainly the case with this sophisticated clock design.

You can see from the image at top that this clock includes a number of parts, but it’s the motion that is unique. Observe this motion in this short video:

Incredibly, the hands on this clock are stationary, while the clock faces are in motion. You might want to watch it again to see the effect.

The larger face is hours, while the smaller face represents minutes. As you might have guessed, the video is actually a time lapse over a few hours. I presume it might be possible to add a third face representing seconds, but the mechanism would be even more complex.

Ecke explains the project:

“I designed and built an interesting and unique clock! Instead of the hands rotating around the clock face, the two clock faces rotate around stationary hands. It took a lot of hours in CAD designing all the parts and making everything function properly, but i ended up with something that i am really proud of.”

Ecke posted the entire set of design files, including his original SOLIDWORKS files, to a CGTrader entry for download. They are accessible for the low fee of US$5 for the download.

That gets you the 3D models and instructions, but that’s where the action starts. You’ll have to 3D print a number of parts and assemble them together. But also you’ll need to obtain additional non-3D printed parts such as an Arduino board to control the motion, a stepper motor to drive the mechanism and other bits and pieces. Ecke said the cost of these parts is approximately US$25.

Ecke said the device can keep reasonable time, saying “It has been accurate to the minute over the last week.”

But this clock is not about accuracy. It’s about a cool design that will shock those who see it.

If you’re looking for a very unique 3D printing project, this is certainly one of them.

Via CGTrader and Reddit

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