Explore Large Scale 3D Scanning with 3DMakerPro’s Lynx Handheld Scanner

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Using the Lynx 3D scanner [Source: 3DMakerPro]


In the ever-evolving landscape of 3D scanning, 3DMakerPro has made another significant stride forward with the launch of their Lynx handheld 3D scanner. 

Lynx Specifications

The Lynx 3D scanner [Source: 3DMakerPro]

While every 3D scanner has an optimal object size, this device has an ability to capture larger objects, reaching dimensions of up to 5000  x 5000 x 5000 mm, making it ideal for scanning a wide range of subjects, from humans to car parts, and even entire automobiles.

The Lynx handheld 3D scanner is characterized by its high detail capture, with an impressive accuracy of 0.10mm and a resolution of 0.30mm. This is quite surprising given the rather large size of objects that can be captured with the Lynx. Imagine capturing an entire automobile at that resolution! 

3D Scanner Software

One of the defining features of the Lynx is its professional software system. Bundled with the rookie-friendly JMStudio, the scanner offers a seamless and comfortable 3D scanning experience. 

We have tested JMStudio in the past when using other scanners from 3DMakerPro and can vouch for its capability: it is pretty easy to use and produces wonderfully detailed 3D results.

JMStudio provides detailed guides for new users, which is important due to the increasing number of users attempting 3D scanning. 3DMakerPro intends on providing continuous updates in the future to the software to further streamline scanning workflows for both professionals and enthusiasts.

Simplified 3D Scanning

Scanning an automobile with the Lynx 3D scanner [Source: 3DMakerPro]

In a marked departure from conventional 3D scanning techniques, the Lynx dispenses with the need for markers, utilizing instead AI visual tracking to fully identify target objects. Coupled with its NIR light source, the scanner ensures not only a protective measure for your eyes but also superior light compatibility. We have been able to capture very challenging subjects with 3DMakerPro’s Mole scanner, and it is expected that the Lynx could provide similar capabilities. 

For those who have used markers in the past on other scanning equipment, this is very good news. Markers are tedious to set up and take down, and can add significant time to the scanning process. 

None of that happens with the Lynx. 

Tripod mode with the Lynx 3D scanner [Source: 3DMakerPro]

The Lynx offers multiple scanning modes including turntable mode, handheld mode, and a combined mode for optimal flexibility. The inclusion of a professional-level color kit facilitates the capture of complex colors and textures, which is sometimes necessary for certain scanning subjects. The Lynx automatically maps color textures to the models, ensuring realistic digital 3D replicas.

As for the physical aspect of the device, the Lynx features a sleek and compact design. It’s not at all like the “pistol” style scanners from other providers, but instead has a unique shape of its own. 

The Lynx’s specifications include a frame rate of 10fps, which should be adequate for scanning if one doesn’t move too quickly. Of more interest is the quite large working distance of 400-900mm. This is about an arm’s length and should be very comfortable for scanning larger objects. 

Scanning large objects means you will be holding the scanner for longer periods, and fortunately 3DMakerPro has ensured the weight of the Lynx is only 1kg. Even better, 3DMakerPro also includes the “Connect”, which is an accessory to hold both the Lynx and a smartphone during scanning. There is a smartphone app that can control the Lynx, making for a cable-less scanning process. That should make it incredibly easy to scan large objects: no wires!

The Lynx handheld 3D scanner from 3DMakerPro delivers an advanced, comprehensive, and user-friendly 3D scanning solution. With its remarkable scanning capability and cutting-edge software, it should be an excellent tool for professionals and hobbyists alike, enabling easy  3D scanning for all. 

Via 3DMakerPro

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