gCreate Announces New gMax 2 PRO 3D Printer

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The gMax 2 Pro 3D printer [Source: gCreate]

Brooklyn-based gCreate announced a new professional 3D printer, the gMax 2 PRO.

When we last encountered gCreate, they had announced the prior model, the gMax 2 back in 2019. Now they’ve improved the design with the gMax 2 PRO.

Extruder and hot end assembly on the gMax 2 Pro 3D printer [Source: gCreate]

The new PRO system has the same build volume as its predecessor, a massive 457 x 457 x 610 mm. Key features include:

  • 400C hot end, made by Slice Engineering (the heat efficient Copperhead)
  • Dual-input hot end options, including the Chimera+
  • 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 controller
  • Color touchscreen
  • Glass-reinforced composite build surface (heated and swappable)
  • Sensorless homing
  • Filament out sensor and process
  • LED lighting of the build chamber
  • Silent stepper motors
  • Optional rolling cart for mounting and spool storage
  • Automated leveling with BL-Touch sensor
The gMax 2 Pro 3D printer can be fully enclosed [Source: gCreate]

But the big feature over the earlier model is that the gMax 2 PRO is an enclosed option. As you can see in the product images, this option has clear acrylic panels on all sides to allow complete views of prints in progress.

Carbon fiber/nylon parts produced on the gMax 2 Pro 3D printer [Source: gCreate]

The enclosure is important because it allows the machine to capture heat and raise the ambient temperature around the print job. This reduces the thermal gradient between hot end and print, leading to a sharp reduction in warping that is commonly encountered on open gantry-style devices.

gCreate said the gMax 2 PRO is therefore able to handle many different engineering materials, including PC, PEKK, CF composites, and even highly bendy 60A soft TPU and metal filaments for post-print sintering. It seems that this device is able to handle virtually all commonly available 3D printer filament types.

Sintered metal parts produced on the gMax 2 Pro 3D printer [Source: gCreate]

The large gMax 2 PRO machines are shipped fully assembled and also calibrated, so buyers are able to get started right away with ease. gCreate is targeting both government and independent businesses with this device to help with parts shortages caused by supply chain problems.

Open version of the gMax 2 Pro 3D printer [Source: gCreate]

The gMax 2 PRO is available in two forms: the standard not-enclosed desktop version starting at US$4,895, and the fully enclosed version that ranges from US$6,295 to US$8,275. Additional options may increase the price, of course.

Via gCreate

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