How Metal AM is Bringing Space Closer Than Ever

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Vega-C rocket [Source: VoxelMatters]

Upcoming webinar illuminates how Velo3D’s technology is empowering aerospace players like Avio SPA.

Today, satellite launches and space exploration are more accessible than ever, with more and more companies aiming to both capitalize on the new industry and bring their own innovations to the segment. Among them is Italian space propulsion firm Avio SPA, which will be the focus of our upcoming webinar

Admittedly not a new company—it was founded over a hundred years ago—Avio SPA has been focused on space launch applications since 2012, when the company’s aeronautical division (Avio Aero) was acquired by General Electric. Since then, Avio has been developing propulsion systems, payload adapters and, notably, its family of Vega space launch vehicles for sending payloads into Earth orbit. The company’s mission? To make space more accessible than ever.  

Avio Velo3D webinar

Avio’s success in this sphere, as well as the incredible growth we’ve seen across the new space industry, have been in large part driven by cutting edge technologies. Technologies likeVelo3D’s metal additive manufacturing, which has proven vital to the continuing development and production of Avio’s space propulsion systems. 

The Italian aerospace company has multiple Velo3D systems in operation today as part of its Additive Smart Factory, including a Sapphire 3D printer and large-format Sapphire XC 1MZ 3D printer acquired last June. In our upcoming webinar, we will hear more about how the company is utilizing Velo3D’s AM solutions to advance space propulsion technology and enhance its production efficiency. 

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