Introducing TitanSPEE3D: SPEE3D’s Largest Cold Spray 3D Printer

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The massive TitanSPEE3D metal 3DP printer [Source: SPEE3D]

SPEE3D has a new metal 3D printer: the TitanSPEE3D.

The Australian company’s key technology is “CSAM”, or cold spray additive manufacturing. Basically it involves blasting metal particles at a target with supersonic speeds. The force of the impact causes incoming metal molecules to directly bind with the target. By moving the spray around in 3D space it’s possible to gradually build up full 3D metal objects.

Their previous equipment was notable because it can 3D print moderately sized objects far more rapidly than traditional metal 3D printers. For example, we saw them 3D print a copper hammer head in only six minutes!

The new TitanSPEE3D’s key difference is that it is big — a lot bigger than their other models.

The build volume of the TitanSPEE3D is a whopping 2400mm diameter by 1000mm tall, able to accommodate objects up to an incredible 2000kg weight.

It is quite a large device, with exterior measurements at 4300mm square, and a weight of 5000kg. You’d best check the weight capacity of your factory floor if you intend on acquiring a TitanSPEE3D.

For materials the TitanSPEE3D is flexible. SPEE3D explained that is can make use of 6061 Aluminum, Aluminum Bronze, and 316 Stainless Steel, but very likely others as well. They do not say whether copper can be 3D printed on the device, but we do know it can be on their other models. Therefore I would not be surprised if copper can be 3D printed at these scales.

SPEE3D is targeting the TitanSPEE3D at manufacturers seeking to produce large objects traditionally made through casting processes. The ability to 3D print at this scale would enable additional geometries that might not be achievable using casting technology.

SPEE3D believes these manufacturers could produce large parts at competitive costs and in reasonable production times. That had better be the case, otherwise it could be challenging to persuade manufacturers to switch processes to CSAM.

SPEE3D said the new TitanSPEE3D will be available for beta testing by a small set of customers later this year.


By Kerry Stevenson

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