Modix Unveils CORE-60 Prototype 3D Printer with CoreXY Design

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New CoreXY technology from Modix [Source: Modix]

Modix has introduced a new prototype 3D printer, the CORE-60.

The Israeli company’s new 3D printer, the CORE-60, is a prototype. Over the past several years, Modix has produced a number of highly effective industrial 3D printers. The new machine is said to be the first in a new series of 3D printers the company calls the “CORE” line.

Modix specializes in larger-volume 3D printers, and the CORE-60 is no exception, with its massive 600 x 600 x 600 mm build volume.

CoreXY Design and Notable Features

What sets the CORE line apart from Modix’s previous devices? The key feature is undoubtedly its CoreXY design. The CoreXY motion system is becoming increasingly popular among recent 3D printer announcements, and it seems that Modix is now entering that world too.

The CORE-60 also boasts a number of other intriguing features:

  • CAN bus: Digital communication to print head controller eliminates expensive and heavy wires
  • Input shaper: Print quality improves as vibrations are minimized by utilizing an accelerometer
  • Lightweight yet powerful extruder to reduce vibrations and improve print quality
  • Smaller printer exterior dimensions: Result in lower shipping costs
  • V-wheels: Polycarbonate wheels as a default motion system (HiWin rails offered as an upgrade)

Future Add-ons and Advantages

Modix explained that there will be several add-ons later offered for this new printer, including an enclosure, upgraded motion rails, air filter, and more.

However, the most important aspect is the new motion system, which offers a number of advantages. Besides the fact that the design requires one fewer motor, thus lowering the cost of the machine slightly, it also provides for a lighter print head.

Lighter print heads enable the possibility of faster 3D printing because there is less momentum to overcome when making directional changes. Could it be that Modix is gradually working their way towards a high-speed printing configuration? This seems to be what several other manufacturers are doing, but not at the build volume of Modix.

Pricing and Availability

Modix indicated the CORE-60 could be available for purchase later this year, with an expected price of US$3,500. This is less expensive than their current US$4,900 600 x 600 x 600 mm model, the BIG-60. However, that model includes a dual IDEX extrusion system, whereas the CORE-60 is a single extruder device. While the CORE-60 is not able to perform dual extrusion, it is still a powerful device, and its lower price point will allow many more organizations to use it.

We’re looking forward to seeing even more advanced models using the company’s new CORE platform.

Via Modix

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