New AM Materials Round Up, November 22, 2022

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Developing new materials [Source: voxeljet]

Several new AM materials were announced in past weeks.

We often receive notes from manufacturers that have developed new and unique materials, but most times the news value is relatively low and these do not warrant a story on their own. However, we thought we might bundle together several material announcements into one post, this one, for your review.

Spectrum Filaments Announces 8 New Technical Materials

PA6-CF15S 3D printer filament [Source: Spectrum Filaments]

Spectrum Filaments announced new engineering materials, including: ASA Kevlar, ASA-X CF10, PPS AM230, PETG/PTFE, PA6 Low Warp CF15S, PA6 Low Warp GF30, PCTG CF10, and PCTG GF10.

These are advanced materials that will require specialized 3D printers tuned for their use.

Voxeljet Qualifies Several Materials

Testing new HDPE material [Source: voxeljet]

As part of the company’s HSS Material Network, they’ve worked with the Fraunhofer Institute to qualify HDPE and Iglidur I3 PL materials for use on their equipment.

Stratasys Announces Multiple New Materials

New materials and colors [Source: Stratasys]

Stratasys revealed they’ve certified no less than 13 new materials for their Fortus 450mc 3D printers, including PAEK, flame resistant, and HIPS. In addition, ULTEM 9085, PC, and PC-ABS now come in a number of newly certified colors.

BIO INX and Nanoscribe Launch New Bioink

Microscopic 3D biocompatible print [Source: Nanoscribe]

BIO INX and Nanoscribe announced a new material, HYDROBIO INX N400, which is a biocompatible material that can be used to build microscopic objects that can be placed with living cells.

Asiga Approves ESD-Safe Material

New biocompatible resin [Source: Nanoscribe / Mechnano]

Asiga, maker of industrial resin 3D printers, has approved Mechnano’s Formula1 ESD-safe resin for use on all Asiga printers.

Thought3D Partners for Recyclable PA6

Recyclable PA6 concept [Source: Thought3D]

Thought3D, makers of Magigoo and the Drywise dryer, have partnered with Ultimaker and Aquafil to market a new recyclable PA6 material from Aquafil’s ECONYL line.

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