The (metal) Die is (sand) Cast

Should binder jetting of sand molds for metal part casting be considered a type of metal 3D printing? And is it taking off?

voxeljet Teases an Automated Additive Manufacturing Solution for Production

Production is in sight for additive manufacturing, and voxeljet is looking to lead the way, the company tells us. This morning, James Reeves, Managing Director at voxeljet UK, reached out with an interesting look ahead in the latest positioning to “reinvent the manufacturing landscape.” He published a teaser today hinting at an interesting work in… Continue reading voxeljet Teases an Automated Additive Manufacturing Solution for Production

3D Printer Carves Out Niche for Big Parts

At first glance, 3D printing is a broad, horizontal technology. But each industry will have its unique needs for 3D printing. A 3D printing manufacturer can turn a specialized technique into a large niche market.

voxeljet Debuts Phenolic Resin Binder

In a recent announcement voxeljet has debuted a newly developed Phenolic-Direct-Binding method. This new binding method not only offers key advantages for sand printing but also allows for the production of ceramic molds.

VoxelJet Begins Trading

Commercial 3D printer manufacturer VoxelJet began trading shares on public markets this past week and the results are, well, pretty spectacular.    VoxelJet produces large-scale commercial 3D printers for industrial use. We believe they produce the largest commercial 3D printer available today, the massive VX4000 (see above image), capable of 3D printing objects as large… Continue reading VoxelJet Begins Trading

VoxelJet Absorbs Global TCT

German 3D printer manufacturer VoxelJet has announced that as of April 1, 2013 it has taken over Global TCT, a full-service 3D printing operation based in the UK. Aside from 3D printing and scanning, Global TCT also offers reverse engineering and metal finishing services.   With the recent uptick in interest and investment in 3D… Continue reading VoxelJet Absorbs Global TCT

Massive 3D Printer Unveiled

Is your measly 10x10x10cm build chamber too small for your big ideas? Perhaps you should consider acquiring a voxeljet VX4000, which has a build envelope of 400x200x100cm. Yes, that’s 4x2x1m or 13×6.5×3.3 feet! This item is so large it requires an installation area of 25x12x4.5m, or 14,500 sqft. Definitely not suitable for your office. At… Continue reading Massive 3D Printer Unveiled