Only Games Gets Color, And An Exclusive Reader Discount!

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Full color 3D printed figurine produced by Only Games [Source: Fabbaloo]

Only Games announced a new full color 3D printing capability.

If you’re not familiar with Only Games, they were acquired by MyMiniFactory earlier this year.

MyMiniFactory has long been one of the premier repositories of 3D models for printing. Their high reputation came about due to their original insistence on literally 3D printing every submission to ensure its printability. While they do that now through software, their repository’s quality remains.

However, in recent years the company has shifted their focus a bit. They’ve found that after the introduction of low cost resin 3D printers that many people wanted to use them to print gaming pieces.

MyMiniFactory created an online environment that welcomed figurine designers and allowed them to sell their creations to a hungry market worldwide. This strategy has worked very well, and MyMiniFactory now boasts of many tens of thousands of designers, and countless more participants.

This is all due to the brilliant approach by the company’s CEO, who we interviewed at MyMIniFactory HQ in London last year.

But what about the acquisition of 3DC? What was that all about?

MyMiniFactory is a digital operation. They host digital content, they sell digital content, they share digital content. This content is ultimately intended to be 3D printed, and the participants do so themselves.

But the problem is that many people who want the products don’t also want to become a 3D printer operator. That’s where 3DC came in, because they operated a service called “Only Games”. This is essentially a specialized 3D print service that can receive a 3D model and print it on their in-house equipment for customers.

This saves the customer the expense of their own machine, and also the learning curve to operate it. Only Games does this all day long and they know how to do it.

This arrangement has worked out very well because MyMiniFactory can provide customers and Only Games the printing services. So far they have produced over 100,000 models, and have in excess of 10,000 excellent models in their library for immediate printing.

While Only Games sells prints to requestors, they also cater to designers who can upload their designs to the site for requestors’ print purchases. Only Games makes it easy for designers and allows some customization of appearance, packaging and more.

The news here is that Only Games has now announced a full color 3D printing capability. This is quite different from the monochrome models they originally delivered, and a capability that is essentially inaccessible for buyers on their own. There are no inexpensive full color 3D printers that hobbyists could acquire.

That leaves them with the choice of using a service for full color, or staying with monochrome 3D prints and painting them manually themselves.

Like printing, there are some who don’t want to paint, and that’s exactly who needs a full color 3D print service.

Only Games figurine shipping box [Source: Fabbaloo]

I happened to receive a demonstration print from Only Games showing the new full color capability, and it’s pretty good, as you can see in the top image.

The print is actually quite small, being only 37mm tall. The sword is only a millimeter wide, and I was afraid it would easily break off.

Full color 3D printed figurine produced by Only Games [Source: Fabbaloo]

But that’s not the case. I’m not exactly certain what 3D print technology Only Games is using here, but the sword is a bit flexible, and could easily be dropped without incident. That’s quite different than the typical hobbyist resin 3D printer output, that can be quite fragile.

Color gradient showing on a 3D printed figurine produced by Only Games [Source: Fabbaloo]

I’m also impressed with the color. Notice that the cape has a color gradient, which would be near impossible to paint on one’s own.

If you’re interested in gaming and would like to obtain some fascinating full color figurines, Only Games is a great option.

But to make things even better, we’ve arranged to have an exclusive discount code for Only Games to Fabbaloo readers. When you use code “KStevensonMMF15” you’ll receive 15% off everything you purchase from Only Games. That’s a pretty good deal.

Via Only Games

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