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Sinterit’s new US warehouse [Source: Sinterit]

Sinterit announced it has fully opened operations in the US.

The Kraków-based company produces a line of well-regarded low-cost SLS 3D printers. These devices can print both prototype or end-use parts in nylon materials, and also offers an “open materials” program for those wishing to use other thermoplastic powders not currently in the company’s materials catalog.

More importantly, the company recently announced the development of the NILS 480, a much larger-scale device targeted at industry. This SLS machine uses the SLS process from their other machines, but has a larger build volume and prints faster. It also has the ability of “zero waste” material, a critical advantage in the SLS market where normally a significant portion of powder materials are wasted due to fresh powder ratio requirements.

With all that equipment for sale, it would seem clear the company needs to establish and grow footholds in key markets beyond their Eastern European base. They have now done so by taking several steps in the US, including:

  • Signing agreements with multiple resellers
  • Opening a warehouse on the US east coast

The specific resellers involved include Impact System, based in Houston to handle the south; Master Graphics to handle the midwest; and Vision Miner to handle the west, along with existing resellers already handling the eastern areas.

The warehouse is located in the east, close to the areas already being served by Sinterit.

The warehouse is a very interesting development because it addresses two key logistical points.

First, the warehouse will enable Sinterit to “stage” equipment and parts far closer to the US market. This means that shipping times will shorten and customers will be able to get their Sinterit gear up and running faster. It’s also possible repairs may be faster, as spare parts are closer to the action.

Secondly, this could decrease shipping costs, which have been an issue for almost everyone in business these days. The warehouse allows Sinterit to ship equipment and parts in bulk to the central warehouse and take advantage of better shipping rates. Otherwise equipment might have to be shipped individually to customers, which can cost more.

This is an excellent move by Sinterit, which has decreased shipping prices, shortened delivery times and made their equipment available to many more companies through access to the new resellers’ networks.

With their compelling solution it would not be surprising to see Sinterit’s sales rise in coming months.

Via Sinterit

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