SynDaver3D Announces Two Low-Cost Desktop 3D Printers

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SynDaver3D Announces Two Low-Cost Desktop 3D Printers
The LeveL and LeveL UP desktop 3D printers [Source: SynDaver 3D]

SynDaver3D announced the LeveL and LeveL UP desktop 3D printers.

SynDaver3D is a relatively new company based in Colorado that was created by Florida-based SynDaver Labs after the demise of Aleph Objects, which formerly produced LulzBot equipment.

Since then the company has introduced their open source Axi and Axi 2 professional desktop 3D printers.

Now the company follows up on the Axi series with the two new machines, the LeveL and LeveL UP. These two machines are quite similar in design, but the LeveL UP includes more advanced features.

Both machines include these common specifications:

  • Build volume of 180 x 180 x 180 mm
  • Fully enclosed build chamber
  • Thermally controlled ventilation system
  • Heated print surface, up to 120C
  • Spring steel PEI-coated flexible print plate
  • Filament out sensor / process
  • Mesh bed leveling
  • LED lighting
  • LED display 4.3”
  • USB connection for remote control
  • USB port for GCODE file access
  • Hot end maximum temperature of 290C
  • Carrying handle

These are impressive specifications, and let me explain why.

Several features (enclosure, thermal control, high temp nozzle) will combine to enable a powerful ability to 3D print higher-temperature materials much more reliably.

I’m not saying the LeveL and LeveL UP can 3D print PEEK, but these features should allow the machines to 3D print challenging materials such as ABS or Nylon much more reliably. By controlling the ambient air temperature within the build chamber, they can more effectively manage the thermal gradient that causes warping during print operations.

The LeveL desktop 3D printer [Source: SynDaver 3D]

This is accomplished with the thermally controlled ventilation system. Many enclosed 3D printers benefit from capturing stray heat from the build surface, but without control. This could allow the heat to rise too high when printing a large part. On the LeveL series of 3D printers, build chamber temperatures are controlled through a ventilation system. This means that not only is the build chamber hot, but it can be at a consistent temperature.

SynDaver3D said the parts produced on these machines would be “dimensionally accurate”, and that’s a big thing. Most low cost desktop 3D printers are open gantry affairs, where ambient room air easily spoils the thermal management during printing operations, and frequently results in parts with poor dimensional accuracy.

The LeveL UP is physically identical to the LeveL, except that several features are added:

  • WiFi networking connection
  • Activated carbon air filter
  • LED Stage lighting
  • Hardened nozzle for composite materials
  • Fully automated mesh bed leveling
  • Onboard camera

These make the LeveL UP a much more capable machine. The hardened nozzle should, for example, be able to competently 3D print carbon fiber-filled nylon material. That would make the machine capable of producing end-use parts, if one so desired.

The WiFi connection and onboard camera would allow remote operation of the machine.

SynDaver3D seems to be targeting each machine at a different market. They said:

“Tailored toward 3D-printing novices and children within early education, the LeveL 3D printer offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface while delivering quality and dimensionally accurate results.”

This market could be a reason for the inclusion of a carrying handle on the device. That makes the device a bit more portable (in spite of its 32lb / 15kg weight. Educators and children may frequently relocate the device, and the handle recognizes that use case.

Meanwhile, they said this about about the LeveL UP:

“The LeveL’s more advanced companion, the LeveL UP, meets the needs of experienced hobbyists and 3D-printing manufacturers with additional features like a camera, WiFi, automated bed-leveling.”

There’s one more important difference between the two machines: the LeveL carries a one-year warranty, while the LeveL Up carries a three-year warranty. A three-year warranty is notable, as very few 3D printers have even a one-year warranty.

The key factor for these machines is the pricing, which is quite attractive for devices with these specifications. The LeveL is priced at only US$495, while the LeveL UP is priced at US$995.

Fully enclosed 3D printers with reasonable specifications such as those on the LeveL and LeveL UP are typically much more expensive. Where else can you find a fully enclosed, thermally controlled build chamber for only US$495?

While the company hopes to produce the machines in September, it is possible to pre-order them right now.

Via SynDaver3D

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