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The HALOT ONE PLUS desktop 3D printer [Source: Creality]


Creality has extended their HALOT line of resin 3D printers with the new HALOT-ONE PLUS 3D printer.

The HALOT line launched a couple of years ago and is the company’s brand for their high quality resin 3D printers. Currently there are five models in the HALOT line, including the original HALOT-SKY, HALOT-LITE, HALOT-ONE, HALOT-ONE PRO and now the HALOT-ONE PLUS. Creality also markets finishing machines that perform resin washing & UV curing in a single unit that could accompany the HALOT-ONE PLUS.

The HALOT ONE PLUS desktop 3D printer with wash & cure machine [Source: Creality]

Resin 3D printers continue to get increasingly sophisticated, and the HALOT-ONE PLUS is no exception. This full-featured device is able to produce high quality prints, while carrying a low purchase price.

You’ll immediately notice the HALOT-ONE PLUS is a bit different from most desktop resin 3D printers. Instead of the usual orange UV cover, the HALOT-ONE PLUS has a blue cover, making it easy to recognize. The machine also has a different industrial design where the sides are dramatically sloped upwards. This makes room for the large touchscreen, but also makes this machine look quite different.

Light engine diagram for the HALOT ONE PLUS desktop 3D printer [Source: Creality]

The core of the HALOT-ONE PLUS is its advanced LED light engine, which cures each print layer. Creality has included their “Integral Light Source” system that can provide nearly parallel illumination to all areas. Creality said the light evenness is more than 90% across the print surface, which will increase print quality. The light engine has significant brightness, as the it provides 4500 uw/cm2. This brightness brings more energy to speed up photopolymer reactions during printing. In other words, the light engine makes the printing much faster.

The LCD panel on the HALOT-ONE PLUS provides 4320 x 2560 pixel resolution (4K) across the 7.9” diagonal panel. This is a monochrome LCD panel, meaning there are no RGB color filters to dilute the light energy on its way to the resin. This significantly speeds up print times because there is more energy transmitted during each layer exposure.

3D preview on the HALOT ONE PLUS desktop 3D printer’s touchscreen [Source: Creality]

Speaking of LCD panels, the HALOT-ONE PLUS has a large color touchscreen to operate the device. Creality has developed a new user interface that is more friendly and graphical in nature. You’ll be able to see a preview of each print file before you select them for printing, and that should reduce operator mistakes. The interface now handles an amazing 14 different languages, and this is likely more than any other 3D printer on the market.

One feature I’m particularly fond of is the new air filtration system. The HALOT-ONE PLUS includes airflow directly from the build chamber, through an activated carbon filter and then exhausts out the back of the machine. Odors from resin 3D printing come from the resin vat, which is exposed to the air inside the machine. By using a filtration system directly in the build chamber, Creality should be able to eliminate most of the resin smells in the vicinity of the machine. This makes the machine more useful for office or educational environments.

Creality has made an interesting move with the job preparation software for the HALOT-ONE PLUS. Normally machines are designed and certified to use only the manufacturer’s slicing software, in this case HALOT-BOX. However, for this machine Creality has ensured it is also compatible with two very popular third party slicing software tools, Chitubox and LycheeSlicer. Each software tool offers different benefits, so HALOT-ONE PLUS operators can easily choose the right tool for their application.

App access to the HALOT ONE PLUS desktop 3D printer [Source: Creality]

The HALOT-ONE PLUS is equipped with WiFi networking, which allows a connection to a mobile app. The app allows the operator to monitor and control activity on the HALOT-ONE PLUS via the Creality Cloud. Creality Cloud also provides one-click printing capability, as it can prepare jobs in the cloud for direct use on the HALOT-ONE PLUS.

The mobile app also enables over-the-air firmware updates, something quite new to desktop resin 3D printers. Older machines required the operator to “print” a special firmware file on a USB stick. Now it’s a simple matter of pressing the upgrade button on the Creality mobile app, or directly from the HALOT-ONE PLUS’ touchscreen, both of which are far easier.

Build volume of the HALOT ONE PLUS desktop 3D printer [Source: Creality]

The HALOT-ONE PLUS has a build volume of 172 x 102 x 160 mm, large enough for most models and applications. The machine can print layers as small as 0.01mm, making the layer lines nearly invisible.

There are a wide variety of resins available for the HALOT-ONE PLUS, both from Creality and from third parties. As long as the resin is compatible with 405nm wavelengths, it will work. This means the HALOT-ONE PLUS could 3D print objects in unusual materials, such as transparent resin, ceramics, flexible and many more.

The fully assembled HALOT-ONE PLUS requires only minor leveling to get up and running, which can be accomplished in less than a minute. Anyone can operate this machine.

If you’re interested in acquiring a HALOT-ONE PLUS 3D printer, they are available now for only US$399, a low price for a 3D printer with these features.

Via Creality

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