Xioneer Introduces Large Support Dissolving Station

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The Vortex EZ support removal device [Source: Xioneer]

Xioneer announced the “Vortex EZ”, a powerful post processing device for advanced FFF 3D printing.

Vienna-based Xioneer has been in the 3D printing business since 2013, and initially produced industrial 3D printers, including the X1, X1S and others, which were able to 3D print in a wide variety of cartridge-based engineering materials.

Then in 2020 the company was acquired by BellandTechnology, the company that produces the well-known VXL line of advanced soluble support materials, usable in high temperature environments. Since then it seems that Xioneer has focused on support materials rather than 3D printers.

Support materials have long been used on 3D prints to overcome the issue of geometric overhangs, but in recent years there has been significantly increased use of soluble materials, particularly on dual extrusion equipment. Soluble supports greatly simplify the support removal process as they simply dissolve in the right environment. This enables operators to 3D print highly complex shapes that include supports in areas that might prevent physical removal: but they can dissolve regardless of location, size or orientation.

Xioneer markets support materials, support removal stations, washing powders and “starter kits” for initial experiments. Their flagship product is VXL, a line of soluble support materials, which includes some capable of being used in high temperature environments. Now they’ve launched their biggest post processing station yet, the Vortex EZ.

The Vortex EZ has a massive steel basket with dimensions 465 x 275 x 210 mm, enabling processing of potentially multiple trays worth of parts all at once. The device has a fluid solvent volume of 38L, which can match the chemical requirements for dissolving a particular support material.

The temperature of the fluid in the Vortex EZ can be as high as 85C, which can speed up the dissolving process significantly. There’s also a magnetic impeller system to circulate the solvent fluid and also increase the speed of processing. The impeller is basically silent, so the device can be placed almost anywhere. A side-mounted drain valve can be used to empty the Vortex EZ when the solvent needs to be changed.

Xioneer said the Vortex EZ is to be available in “the middle of July 2022”, which is quite soon. They intend on selling the device online from their store, but also on Amazon.

Via Xioneer

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