More Evidence of 3D Printing’s Greenness

After our green filament post earlier discussion of 3D printing greenness continued and resulted in a pointer to a document posted by the American Chemical Society that investigates the electricity consumed and CO2 emitted by different manufacturing materials. What exactly did they examine?    The embodied energy and emissions from conventional large-scale production in low-labor… Continue reading More Evidence of 3D Printing’s Greenness

The Smells of 3D Printing

Everyone is fascinated by the process of 3D printing. Objects seem to appear (albeit slowly) right out of thin air. Beyond the visual experience, most people also note the sounds of 3D printing, which in today’s 3D printers are much less evident than earlier models.    But there’s another experience: smell. While your 3D printer… Continue reading The Smells of 3D Printing

Open Source 3-D Printer Design Competition

Queen’s University and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada are sponsoring a new competition for sustainable development. The competition asks that you “design sustainable technologies and their components for printing on open source 3-D printers”, specifically the RepRap.    What exactly is a “sustainable technology”? We’re not sure, because that’s up to… Continue reading Open Source 3-D Printer Design Competition

3D Printing is a Cleantech Innovation

Pike Research, whose tagline is “Cleantech Market Intelligence” posted a report listing “Five Disruptive Cleantech Innovations”. These, we presume, are technologies that should deliver dramatic ecological benefits to future generations as they come online in force later in this century. But what was on the list of five?   Energy Harvesting Energy Storage Fuel Cell… Continue reading 3D Printing is a Cleantech Innovation

3D Printed Crabs

No, we’re not talking about pretty little crab toys you can print and hand out to your 8 year old nephew. Instead we’re talking about an innovative project undertaken by one of MakerBot’s artists in residence, Miles Lightwood.    The project is concerned with the fate of the lowly Hermit Crab, a crustacean currently facing… Continue reading 3D Printed Crabs

Geological 3D Printing

  It’s not only geological, it’s also transcontinental! What are we speaking of? It’s an incredible proposal from architectural student Magnus Larsson, whose idea is almost beyond conception. He proposes to use a form of biological 3D printing to create a habitable “green wall” across the entire width of the Sahara desert in order to… Continue reading Geological 3D Printing