There Really Could Be Something To HP’s Long Term Strategy

HP today made some interesting announcements that tell us quite a bit about their long term strategy, which just might work.  HP is like the elephant in the room within the industry. They’re really big – financially. When they move, it’s important. While they are quite a bit smaller than the existing players in the… Continue reading There Really Could Be Something To HP’s Long Term Strategy

HP + Deloitte: Giving Tools Back to the Blacksmith

On Thursday, August 24th, 2017 in Silicon Valley, HP + Deloitte announced a new partnership. HP is known as one of the world’s leaders in technology development, and Deloitte is also a world leader in digital transformation, the process of taking a traditional company into a modern mode of operation. HP’s CEO Dion Weisler described… Continue reading HP + Deloitte: Giving Tools Back to the Blacksmith

HP’s New 3D Printing Process

Finally, after literally years of speculation and rumor, HP took to a stage today and announced something about 3D printing. 

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HP Sets Announcement Date

Well! HP has issued invitations to media for a special event on October 29th. What could it be about? 

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Stratasys to be Acquired?

Bloomberg speculates on the future of 3D printing giant Stratasys. They believe the company could be acquired by one of two existing 2D printing companies. 

HP and Stratasys Divorce

Somehow this wasn’t a complete surprise, as we’d been hearing rumors of difficulties in the relationship between IT Giant HP and 3D Printing leader Stratasys. Now it’s come to a close, with Stratasys announcing that the two companies have “have agreed to discontinue their manufacturing and distribution agreement for 3D printers, effective at the end… Continue reading HP and Stratasys Divorce

HP Launches a New 3D Printer. Not!

We suddenly awoke to read the startling headline: “HP launches new 3D printer” and envisioned a grand update to HP’s long-term relationship with Stratasys. Perhaps a new low-cost 3D printer is now available? Maybe even a consumer version?    Um, no.    They launched the HP Topshot Laserjet Pro M275 in the UAE today. What… Continue reading HP Launches a New 3D Printer. Not!

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Stratasys Drifting Away from HP?

In early 2010 big-time 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys signed an agreement with even-bigger-time 2D printer manufacturer HP to market 3D printers. The deal involved Stratasys producing HP-labeled printers that would be marketed through HP’s massive reseller networks. They started sales in Europe later that year. Now we see this arrangement may not be proceeding as… Continue reading Stratasys Drifting Away from HP?

HP 3D Printing Update

At the recent Plastics Design and Moulding show in London, Fabbaloo caught up with Eric Erickson, HP’s Product Manager for their Designjet 3D printers. It’s been over a year since it was announced HP would market 3D printers through an agreement with Stratasys. How well has business been over that period? Has HP found this… Continue reading HP 3D Printing Update

HP 3D Printers Rolling Out

NeBusiness reports on the new HP 3D printer that’s now in the hands of another UK reseller: Standing Stone. They’ve been selling it since the first of May. The firm’s national sales director, Simon Buckton, says of the £16,500 3D printer + cleaner combo:   We’ve shown some architects, who are very excited about it,… Continue reading HP 3D Printers Rolling Out

Stratasys is Savoring

That’s according to their CEO, Scott Crump, who in a recent blog post described the moment when HP announced it entered the 3D printer market – using machines made by Stratasys. Crump:   It’s a sweet feeling to see Stratasys reach this point. I’ve envisioned an event like this for more than 20 years.  … Continue reading Stratasys is Savoring

HP 3D Printer Specifications

While the new line of HP 3D printers is only available in certain countries, that doesn’t stop you from finding their specifications if you aren’t in their current sales area. We’ve probed to the depths of HP’s vast ocean of web pages to find the specifications for the twin 3D printers announced last week. As… Continue reading HP 3D Printer Specifications

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HP is 3D Printing!

The big news today was the anticipated release of HP’s new line of 3D printers. The printers are actually made by Stratasys, makers of the Dimension line of printers by means of a joint venture the two signed earlier this year.    The announcement specifies two models, which will be available this May only in… Continue reading HP is 3D Printing!

HP Ready to Ship 3D Printers

In an update to the blockbuster announcement in January, DesignNews reports that HP will very soon begin shipping their new 3D printers to five selected European countries, eventually widening their market to the entire globe. The printers are being manufactured by HP’s partner and 3D printing leader, Stratasys at their Minnesota plant.    DesignNews believes… Continue reading HP Ready to Ship 3D Printers

HP Makes 3D Printers!

Not quite yet, but apparently soon – HP will be selling not only 2D printers, but 3D printers, too. Today it was announced that Stratasys will “manufacture an HP-branded 3D printer” after the two parties signed a “definitive agreement”.   The new line of printers (suggesting there will be more than one model) will be… Continue reading HP Makes 3D Printers!

HP On 3D Printing

GigaOm has posted an interesting video interview with Vyomesh Joshi, Executive Vice President of Imaging & Printing at HP. Joshi speaks of new twists in the 2D print industry, but our interest was perked up towards the 10 minute mark in the video, where he speaks of HP’s 3D printing interest. He said HP has… Continue reading HP On 3D Printing