African 3D Printing Grows

Aside from Antarctica, Africa might be the continent with the least amount of 3D printing activity, but that’s changing.

Africa’s Octo-Choco-Printer

We’ve heard about chocolate 3D printers before, but never one like this. Fouche Chocolates of South Africa, and specifically its engineer Hans Fouche has developed an eight-nozzle chocolate printer for producing custom delicacies.    A detailed report on takes you through Fouche’s development process, which explains how the printer is used to create “edible… Continue reading Africa’s Octo-Choco-Printer

A 3D Printer Made From Scrap

Normally when you embark on building a DIY 3D printer you’d search online shops for the best and least expensive components. Bring them together with the right plan and you’ll soon have an operating 3D printer.    But that’s not exactly what Kodjo Afate Gnikou did. He went to the dump. Specifically, he searched through… Continue reading A 3D Printer Made From Scrap

Pirate3D Helps Africa

As if landing nearly half a million dollars in instant crowd funding isn’t sufficient, Pirate3D announced a significant charitable venture. They will provide 3D printing technology and training to “selected African institutions”.    The venture is within Pirate3D’s corporate social responsibility program and partners with Harvard’s Calestous Juma to promote sustainable development worldwide. Juma, Director… Continue reading Pirate3D Helps Africa

A 3D Printer From Togo

Yes, Togo. It’s the home of Afate Gnikou of WoeLab, a technology incubator in the small African country. Gnikou has launched a crowdfunding project on Ulule to raise funds to begin building a Togo-designed personal 3D printer.    The goal of the project is to design a 3D printer that can be built from commonly… Continue reading A 3D Printer From Togo

3D Printing In South Africa

There’s a great story in Design Magazine describing how Kenneth van Rensburg came to create a 3D printing business in South Africa. After seeing the technology by accident during a Jaguar factory tour in the UK, van Rensburg created Protoform in 2008 to “bridge the gap between design and manufacture”, initially focusing on boat design.… Continue reading 3D Printing In South Africa