Walmart Selling Cube 3D Printers – in Brazil

We know Staples sells Cubify’s entry-level personal 3D printer, the Cube, at an undetermined number of physical outlets in the USA. But now we learn Walmart also sells the Cube – but not in the USA; they’re available in Brazil.    The Cube is priced at R$5,758 (USD$2,478), quite a bit more than the standard… Continue reading Walmart Selling Cube 3D Printers – in Brazil

MakerBot’s Retail Expansion

MakerBot opened the first dedicated retail 3D printer store on New York City’s Mulberry street some years ago. While MakerBot continued retail operations by partnering with others, the lone MakerBot store stood alone at the tip of Manhattan Island.    Until now.    MakerBot has announced they will open not one, but two additional MakerBot… Continue reading MakerBot’s Retail Expansion

Hammacher Schlemmer Offers 3D Printers

Another major consumer-oriented online retailer has begun sales of personal 3D printers. Hammacher Schlemmer, one of the world’s oldest mail order operations, is now selling 3D System’s Cube personal 3D printer.    The Cube is described as:    The printer extrudes 1/125″-thin layers of warm, viscous thermoplastic that hardens within seconds, forming a solid, three-dimensional… Continue reading Hammacher Schlemmer Offers 3D Printers

3D Printing in Tesco?

If you reside in the UK, it’s more than likely you’ve been buying groceries from your neighborhood Tesco. But soon you may be picking you your 3D prints there, too.    In a report published by V3, Tesco’s IT Chief Mike McNamara postulated about a future world where Tesco shoppers could pick up 3D prints… Continue reading 3D Printing in Tesco?

The 3D Printing Retail Scenario

Not that many years ago the personal 3D printing market was populated entirely by sales from obscure online websites, typically in kit form. At the time this type of sales approach matched the early adopters who used personal 3D printing at the time.    However, as interest increased, some manufacturers sought to increase their sales… Continue reading The 3D Printing Retail Scenario

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A Visit to the iMakr 3D Printer Store

On our recent visit to the UK we happened to drop by the iMakr store, which is one of the very few, perhaps the only, true retail store focused entirely on 3D printing. It’s tagline is “The World’s largest 3D Printing Store”, and we think they could be right.

A 3D Printing Workshop AND Cafe in Buenos Aires

The neighborhood of Palermo in Buenos Aires is known for its restaurants, but this one is somewhat unique: The 3D Lab Fab & Cafe offers patrons not only coffee and food, but also access to 3D printing technology. They say:    In 3DLab Fab&Café we provide you the cutting edge technology of digital fabrication in… Continue reading A 3D Printing Workshop AND Cafe in Buenos Aires

The Coney Island Scan-A-Rama

If the title of this project, the Coney Island Scan-A-Rama, sounds suspicious, consider that the person behind it is called “The Great Fredini”.    In reality, Scan-A-Rama is a project by Brooklyn-based Fred Kahl, who hopes to build an inexpensive 3D Scanning Portrait Studio in, where else, Coney Island.    We’ve seen several experiments in… Continue reading The Coney Island Scan-A-Rama

Another 3D Printer Found in a Retail Store

First was MakerBot’s single retail store experiment in downtown NYC, then 3D Systems struck a deal with Staples to offer the Cube 3D printer in all Staples stores. Now we see another retail example: UK electronics retailer Maplin now carries a 3D printer kit, the Velleman K8200.    We’ll look at the Velleman another day,… Continue reading Another 3D Printer Found in a Retail Store

3D Printing Price Check Update

What is 3DPrintingPriceCheck? It does exactly that. Jonas Neubert, creator of the online service, just released a significant update to the service, which now includes STL upload, instant quotes from some 3D print services, more materials and even lead time estimates.    The service makes shopping for the best deal easy. You simply drag and… Continue reading 3D Printing Price Check Update

A Collectable Rubber Duck in Hong Kong

Eddie Tsai of Hong Kong’s Fung Academy researched the adoption of 3D printing by consumers and came up with the concept of “hyperlocal promotions, the ability to respond to events around the world with meaningful relevant products quickly.”   An interesting concept certainly, but it quickly became reality for Tsai, who was contacted mere days… Continue reading A Collectable Rubber Duck in Hong Kong

Amazon Is Selling 3D Printers

Surprise! Amazon is now selling 3D printers. The online retailing giant now offers a rather lengthy selection of 3D printer gear.    Included in Amazon’s extensive portfolio are:    FlashForge MakerBot Replicator 2 Afinia H-Series MBot Cube Airwolf FF3D JET Felix Robotics Fabbster  3D Systems Cube, RapMan and 3D Touch  LulzBot AO-101  BotMill Glide   … Continue reading Amazon Is Selling 3D Printers

iMakr’s 3D Print Service

iMakr opened a large 3D print retail store in London earlier this year. The store sells various types of 3D printers and offers the public a chance to see the technology first hand.    Even though they haven’t been open very long, they’ve now added a new service: 3D prints on demand.    It works… Continue reading iMakr’s 3D Print Service

Massive News: Staples To Sell The Cube

Truly spectacular news today: Staples, one of the leading office supply retailers in the USA announced it would begin selling 3D Systems’ entry level personal 3D printer, The Cube. This is quite simply the single largest 3D printer retail move to date by any 3D printer manufacturer.    The printer will be priced at USD$1299,… Continue reading Massive News: Staples To Sell The Cube

3D Printing Shop Founded in Beirut

In a first for the Middle East, a full-service 3D printing shop has been founded in the Mar Mikhael-Rmeil neighborhood of Beirut.   Founded in March by veteran French Architect Guillaume Crédoz, the 3D printing shop, named Rapid Manufactory, will offer design, modelling, scanning, prototyping and even investment casting and ceramic production services to anyone.… Continue reading 3D Printing Shop Founded in Beirut

iMakr Scores Solidoodle – But What About MakerBot?

As the April 30th opening date of the iMakr 3D print store nears, they’ve announced the store will carry the Solidoodle 3 personal 3D printer.    Solidoodle joins 3D System’s Cube line on iMakr’s shelves.    Curiously absent from the official announcement is MakerBot, whose Replicator 2 is perhaps the most well-known personal 3D printer… Continue reading iMakr Scores Solidoodle – But What About MakerBot?

iMakr Adds Cubes

Call us not totally surprised, but the new iMakr 3D print store in London announced they’ve added the full Cubify line of 3D printers to their shelves.    A press release states they’re announcing the “imminent arrival of the Cube, CubeX and CubeX Trio 3D printers in iMakr Store”. The Cubify lineup addresses both casual… Continue reading iMakr Adds Cubes

The iMakr Store

Billed as the “world’s largest 3D printing store”, iMakr is set to open April 30th in London. The 2500 sf retail operation, located in Farringdon, will “stock a large range of personal 3D Printers from major American, European and Asian manufacturers”.    Although iMakr hasn’t said much, we would expect the store would carry equipment… Continue reading The iMakr Store

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Another 3D Printer Shop

3D Makers is one of several new sites we’ve seen recently that provide services, at a small level, to the 3D printing community. Spokesperson Michael Triana pointed out their site, which provides sales of 3D printer plastic filament as well as a  personal 3D printer, the Lulzbot AO-101.    More than likely 3D Makers will… Continue reading Another 3D Printer Shop

Another 3D Print Retail Shop – In Paris!

After the initial experiments in retail storefronts for 3D printing products in places such as New York, we now see another retail operation has opened in Paris: PROTOSHOP.   It seems the focus of PROTOSHOP (opened by the rapid prototyping company Multistation) is to provide Parisians with an opportunity to see, touch, ask questions about… Continue reading Another 3D Print Retail Shop – In Paris!

A Visit To Mulberry Street

During our New York adventure we managed to sneak into MakerBot’s exclusive retail store. Actually, it was less sneaking than simply walking in the wide open door, located at 298 Mulberry Street in Lower Manhattan.    We were impressed with the simplicity of the store’s design, somewhat reminiscent of Apple Store design, yet with its… Continue reading A Visit To Mulberry Street

A Swiss 3D Printer Seller

We just noticed a business selling 3D printers in Switzerland. Zurich-based 3D-Model (German: 3D Drucker kaufen) appears to resell a variety of 3D Systems gear, including not only the large commercial units such as the Projet, but also 3D Systems’ personal 3D printer line, Bits From Bytes.    The company also offers 3D print services,… Continue reading A Swiss 3D Printer Seller

FOC Concept Store

Our friends at Freedom of Creation have long been experimenting with the idea of selling beautiful 3D printed objects, some of which we’ve featured in the past. Now they’ve gone one step beyond that by actually printing the store itself! Or at least part of it.    They’ve produced a kind of wall unit composed… Continue reading FOC Concept Store

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Announcing Mallyable!

Fabbaloo is very pleased to announce our new venture: Mallyable!    Mallyable is a new online store providing easy-to-use, beautiful and low cost 3D models specifically designed for printing on personal 3D printers.   We take the time to carefully design models ready to print on most personal 3D printers: they’ve been sized, oriented and… Continue reading Announcing Mallyable!

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National Geographic Video: IKEA’s 3D Printers

Specifically, IKEA uses Objet’s Eden500V 3D printer. But do they print furniture? Not as far as we can see, but instead they’re using the printer to produce prototypes of utensils and other small objects in their familiar simplistic Scandinavian design style.    National Geographic has posted a video of their process, in which Technician Johan… Continue reading National Geographic Video: IKEA’s 3D Printers

Breaking: 3D Print Retail Store Opens

We’ve just learned that Materialise has opened a retail store dedicated to selling high-end 3D printed goods. This, we believe, is the first such store ever in existence, and follows on the earlier announcement of MakerBot selling their 3D printer in a retail setting.    The new store, operated by Materialise’s .MGX venture, specializes in… Continue reading Breaking: 3D Print Retail Store Opens

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