The Cost of a Wrench

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It’s apparently USD$49, including USD$14 that was “dissolved away” according to a post at the ChiefDelphi forums. Team222badbrad produced these wrenches on a Dimension 1200es, and the discussion contemplated the price of production.

Poster Leav asked the inevitable question:

“how much would it cost to fill the entire volume of the machine with plastic?… I really would like to hold in my hand a 768ci block knowing that it was made it possibly the most inefficient way possible!”

The answer, according to team222badbrad, is USD$6,000 worth of Dimension ABS. Now that’s a paperweight!

UPDATE: team222badbrad contacted us and indicated:

The wording on my posting on is a bit confusing.
 “About $35 a wrench in ABS Plus material and support material. About $14 worth was dissolved away.”
What I meant was of that $35 approximately $14 was wasted in scrap support material.

Via ChiefDelphi Forums

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