3D Printing Really Is Less Expensive

  ZCorp issued a press release describing the experience of Converse, the footwear manufacturer using ZCorp technology in their design process. The interesting bit is that they’ve stated the savings they’ve found in actual dollars. Here’s the results from the press release: They “can produce a shoe model in two hours, or nearly 30 times… Continue reading 3D Printing Really Is Less Expensive

Shapeways Lowers Media Pricing

  Shapeways, the innovative 3D printing service announced they’ve lowered the pricing on their most popular print media, “White Strong & Flexible”. It’s now 10% less expensive than before. This means we can order that Neko Woman for only USD$23.76! Erm. Coincidentally, Ponoko also recently reduced (albeit temporarily for 24 hours) the price of some… Continue reading Shapeways Lowers Media Pricing

The Cost of a Wrench

It’s apparently USD$49, including USD$14 that was “dissolved away” according to a post at the ChiefDelphi forums. Team222badbrad produced these wrenches on a Dimension 1200es, and the discussion contemplated the price of production. Poster Leav asked the inevitable question: “how much would it cost to fill the entire volume of the machine with plastic?… I… Continue reading The Cost of a Wrench