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In London they’re getting set to open a new facility for designers: the Metropolitan Works Building in February of this year. Metropolitan Works is part of the London Metropolitan University, and the Creative Industries Centre will:

helping designers and manufacturers develop ideas and bring new products to the marketplace through access to digital manufacturing, workshops, knowledge transfer, advice, courses and exhibitions.

According to Dexigner:

Facilities in the new 1,100sqm centre include a double height machine hall to accommodate London’s largest 5 axis CNC router and 5 axis water-jet cutter, available as a bureau service. There will also be Pay and Go traditional workshops and (commercially licensed) CAD offices. A CAD training suite, refectory and conference room are located on the second floor, with open plan office accommodation for staff and research fellows on the top floor.

The opening of the building will mark the completion of a three year capital project, providing a truly comprehensive range of digital manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping equipment. In addition to the 5 Axis Router and Water Cutter, Metropolitan Works offers 3D printing, SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) in nylon, DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) in stainless steel and nickel alloy and Perfactory rapid prototyping in castable resin and three different 3D scanning technologies.

This is a very interesting development; we suspect that as knowledge and tool facilities such as this pop up around the globe they will become catalysts for more rapid development of 3D technology in each of their regions. Congratulations, Metropolitan Works!

Via Metropolitan Works and Dexigner

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