$600 Resin 3D Printer Kit Available

By on April 2nd, 2012 in printer

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3D printer inventor Junior Veloso has transformed his home experiments in ultra-high resolution resin-based 3D printing into a business launch. The as yet unnamed 3D printer is now available in kit form for pre-order on Indiegogo at a cost of only USD$599. 
The USD$599 is actually the price for a “Basic Kit” that includes software, electronics controller and complete instructions for construction. This kit does not include stepper motors, linear guides or the heart of the system, the DLP projector component. 
For USD$1999 you will also receive motors, power supply, building tray and head (but still no projector is mentioned). The “Full Kit”, priced at USD$3999 includes tools, projector and one kilo of resin. You’ll be able to build a complete machine with this kit, ready to print. 
Is USD$4K to rich for you? If so, you can consider ordering a PDF or CD with complete instructions for construction. You’ll have to procure all the necessary parts, including projector, yourself. More than likely hobbyists will go for the USD$399 package that includes not only the design but also the software required to run the machine. 
The Indiegogo project has a huge goal of USD$300,000 by May 31st. Will Veloso achieve this? We suspect yes, based on the massive surprises we’ve seen with this approach before.
Be sure to view the introductory video; the emergence of a printed object is quite dramatic, although the video has been sped up.  
Are you interested? We certainly are, given the startling quality compared above with conventional personal 3D printers. 

By Kerry Stevenson

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