Not a 3D Modeler? Hire One!

By on February 21st, 2015 in Ideas, models

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If you’re unable to obtain the 3D model you require for a print, just design it yourself. But what if you can’t?

It’s easy to push a button to download a free or purchased 3D model ready for printing, but sometimes you cannot find the right model for your job. In such cases the normal approach is to pull out your favorite 3D modeling software and design it yourself. 

Unfortunately, this approach is not viable for many people wishing to use 3D printing. The software can sometimes be very expensive and usually they take considerable use to enable competent and efficient use. It may be your project doesn’t warrant the time required to learn 3D modeling. 

Is there another approach? 

Yes! Hire someone to design a 3D model for you. Someone who’s already equipped with the software, skills and experience to do a competent, printable 3D model. 

But where do you find such people? 

In any city you’ll certainly find numerous 3D designers – but most of them will be trained to build 3D models for use in games or videos, which are not necessarily 3D printable. If you encounter such a designer, it’s possible they may be able to adapt their skills for 3D solid design. You’ll likely have to pay these folks an hourly rate to produce your design. However, more complexity will usually result in more hours. 

Another option is to use less expensive off shore skills. One of many sites that provides a linkage to such skills is Fiverr, the site that allows people to sell a service for USD$5. Or so. 

We checked out Fiverr and found several qualified individuals ready to produce your 3D model – ready for 3D printing. Now keep in mind you likely won’t pay USD$5. As Fiverr provider Cleeve says: 

For the basic $5 gig, I will design a simple 3D model enabling you to print an object. Complex models will require multiple gigs (or gig extras), and, most often, longer delivery times. 

While this approach is likely far less expensive than hiring local 3D modelers, you do take more risk in achieving your goal: the product might be of insufficient quality, or you may spend more time than you thought supervising the job. 

But it is an intriguing option. 

Via Fiverr

By Kerry Stevenson

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