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 The changing values of 3D print stock prices
The changing values of 3D print stock prices

There aren’t very many publicly traded companies in the 3D print business, but there is one place you can find them all. 

3D Printing Stocks is provided by 3D Printing Business Directory, a service run by Fabbaloo friend Davide Sher. They provide a very comprehensive directory of all companies related to the 3D print industry, now numbering around 3,500. 

In addition to company information, they provide a central source for press release information from many of those companies, a 3D print job board and now the stock chart. 

On their chart they list the very few publicly traded 3D print companies, including: 

  • Nano Dimension Ltd.    (electronic circuit printing)
  • Organovo Holdings, Inc. (bioprinting)
  • Sigma Labs, Inc. (3D print quality assurance software)
  • ConforMIS, Inc. (implants)
  • Carpenter Technology Corporation (metal powders)
  • General Electric Company (conglomerate)
  • HP Inc. 
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
  • Jabil Circuit, Inc. (supply chain)
  • United Technologies Corporation (aerospace)
  • Proto Labs, Inc. (print service)
  • 3D Systems Corporation 
  • Autodesk, Inc. (3D software)
  • Materialise NV (print service)
  • Stratasys, Ltd.
  • The ExOne Company
  • voxeljet AG

In the view above, all of these companies’ stock price progress are charted against each other, showing clearly who’s winning and who’s not. 

Normally stock prices tend to fluctuate and generally follow the overall market trend, but it’s the divergences from the trends that are most interesting to watch. Those divergences usually mean there’s significant success or, well, the opposite, at least in the minds of the stock buyers. 

You could simply add these stocks to your favorite stock app, but there’s always the question of which stocks do 3D print-released work? There are the obvious players such as 3D Systems and Stratasys, but beyond them it can be difficult to know which companies are publicly traded or not. Find the list by hitting this link. 

Via 3D Printing Stocks

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