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By on May 29th, 2018 in Service

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 View from the Emendo Cloud 3D model repair service
View from the Emendo Cloud 3D model repair service

What happens after testing? Products go live!

That’s what’s happened with Avante Technologies’ new cloud-based 3D model repair service, Emendo Cloud. 

Previously they had been beta testing the service with selected members of the 3D print community, as we wrote a few short weeks ago. 

However, it seems the system is now ready for action and they’ve opened up the service for signups by anyone. 

If you’re been involved with 3D printing and especially troublesome STL files, you will appreciate the need for 3D model repair services. While there have been several standalone products available for years (including Avante Technologies’ own Emendo system), there is a trend towards delivering these services through online means. 

There are definite advantages in cloud based services, including (often) a lower per month cost and automatically updated software to current revisions. But in the case of 3D model repair services there is another advantage of particular interest: speed. 

Cloud based solutions like Avante Technologies’ can provide significantly more compute power in the sky and thus can theoretically process the sometimes massive computations required for highly complex model analysis far quicker than on most desktop machines. In a sense, that cloud subscription fee is possibly less than you might pay to purchase a machine upgrade. 

Emendo Cloud attempts to resolve three problems: 

  • High precision repair of single and multiple component STL files
  • Repairing large and complex files quickly.
  • Identifying the cause of the errors to prevent repeating the same design error every time the user designs a new object.

The last one is important, because those pushing through continuous streams of 3D models could benefit significantly by eliminating persistent issues. 

Avante Technologies has announced some details about the pricing. They offer a flexible set of options, but pricing for single model repairs will be USD$6. They also offer various packages for individuals, groups and sites.

Two repair speeds are offered. The default is a multiprocessor solution that handles most files rapidly, but they also offer a slightly higher priced service that can handle very large 3D models more effectively with higher performance infrastructure. 

also have an OEM program for others wishing to integrate 3D model repair into their own systems 

Via Emendo Cloud

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