BEEVERYCREATIVE Reveals All About Their New B2X300

By on September 13th, 2018 in printer

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 BEEVERYCREATIVE’s new desktop 3D printer kit, the B2X300 [Source: BEEVERYCREATIVE']
BEEVERYCREATIVE’s new desktop 3D printer kit, the B2X300 [Source: BEEVERYCREATIVE’]

BEEVERYCREATIVE was BEINGVERYSECRETIVE about their new B2X300 desktop 3D printer, but now not so much.

A new press release from Portugal-based BEEVERYCREATIVE explains a lot more about the mysterious machine. We previously wrote about this machine, but most of our piece was speculation based on a review of their imagery.

Now we have a full image of the machine, shown at top, and some additional specifications.

 The extruder on the B2X300 [Source: BEEVERYCREATIVE']
The extruder on the B2X300 [Source: BEEVERYCREATIVE’]

The DIY kit dual-extrusion device has the following specifications:

  • Dual Extruder (this component is pre-assembled)

  • Generous Print volume 300 x 200 x 300 mm

  • Silent Trinamic Stepper Drivers (TMC2130) with 256 microstepping

  • Power Loss Detection and Recovery, a feature present in several other BEEVERYCREATIVE devices

  • Filament Out Detection

  • Modular Motherboard

  • Print Resolution 50 – 300 microns

  • Automated bed leveling

  • Optimized heated bed

  • Sensorless homing (I’m still not clear what this is)

  • Wide range of materials

  • Easy offset calibration

  • Full Metal Frame

 The glass print surface on the new B2X300 desktop 3D printer [Source: BEEVERYCREATIVE']
The glass print surface on the new B2X300 desktop 3D printer [Source: BEEVERYCREATIVE’]

BEEVERYCREATIVE says the machine will be available for pre-order for one month, starting 13 September and ending 13 October. During this initial period the machine will be priced at only €599.90 (US$698), and afterwards the price will revert to the standard pricing, €649.90 (US$756). Two spools of PLA filament are included.

This is a good price for a dual extrusion filament-powered desktop 3D printer, as most dual systems are at higher price levels. In addition to the dual extrusion, this machine sports a number of more advanced features, most of which are focused on obtaining better quality prints and ease of operation.

 The control panel on the B2X300 [Source: BEEVERYCREATIVE]
The control panel on the B2X300 [Source: BEEVERYCREATIVE]

If there is one thing missing from this machine it could be an enclosure to capture stray heat and deflect wind drafts. An enclosure would increase print quality by stabilizing the atmosphere during printing and thus help when 3D printing problematic materials such as ABS, which typically warps considerably when cooling.

BEEVERYCREATIVE has been in the business of producing desktop 3D printer equipment for over five years, something few 3D printer startups can claim. They’ve have a known track record for delivering good equipment in a space littered with failed desktop 3D printer startups.

Thus if you are considering buying a desktop 3D printer, the new B2X300 could be an excellent choice as it is a low risk option compared to many others, yet still relatively low priced for the features obtained.


By Kerry Stevenson

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