What’s In E3D-Online’s Mystery Boxes?

By on July 24th, 2019 in Hardware

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 E3D-Online is selling “mystery boxes” [Source: E3D-Online]
E3D-Online is selling “mystery boxes” [Source: E3D-Online]

There’s a bit of a giveaway taking place at E3D-Online today.

The UK-based company produces a range of highly-regarded components for 3D printers, most notably the ubiquitous E3D V6 hot end, which now appears in many vendor’s 3D printers.

In my discussions with and observations of the company, they’ve continually developed improved variations of their products and even entirely new products. Some are quite experimental, such as their highly unusual tool-changing 3D printer, that could be used for efficient multi-material 3D printing.

Their prolific set of 3D printer components has made them a favorite of those modifying and upgrading their own desktop 3D printers, and even those developing entirely new 3D printers.

Today we see that the company is selling of a good chunk of their inventory by means of a “mystery box” approach. They’ve created boxes containing a random selection of components they don’t intend on using or marketing in the future. According to E3D, these mystery boxes could contain items such as:

  • V6’s (hot ends)

  • Arduino Boards

  • Ramps Boards

  • Capricorn Tubing

  • Lead Screws

  • Belts

  • Sample filaments

  • Heater Cartridges

  • Power Supplies

  • Thermistors

  • Thermocouples

  • PT100’s

  • Motors

  • High Temperature Heated Beds

  • Heated beds

  • Stickers

They caution prospective buyers that not all of this inventory has been through their normal quality control process, so buyer beware. As well, there is no guarantee of specific items being contained in any particular mystery box; you get what you get.

3D Printer Components

Why would anyone bother buying such boxes? I can think of two reasons.

First, among our readers are those who perform considerable experimentation with 3D printers. These advanced folks are building, upgrading, and tuning machines, sometimes trying crazy approaches that sometimes actually work. They need components, and this could be a great way to obtain some quality parts.

Secondly, these mystery boxes are available at a very low price: only £10 (US$12.40). To put that in perspective, virtually no E3D-Online products are priced at that level individually, and these mystery boxes contain multiple items.

If you’re one who’s frequently found in a workshop building 3D printers, this sale might be something to look into.

Via E3D-Online

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