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C.STEM 2008

We missed this one until just now, so it's already in progress: C.STEM 2008, a conference held this week in Torino, Italy. The conference's theme is "Breeding Objects", and offered an interesting selection of presentations and demonstrations. From their website:

C.STEM 2008 - BREEDING OBJECTS presents a selection of visionary projects anticipating future developments in design process and technologies.
What happens when domains such as design, creative coding and digital fabrication meet the new scenarios of mass-customization?

The exhibition presents works designed and produced through creative and innovative processes: global news feeds woven into sweatshirts, chairs 3D printed out of frames from a computer-animated form, experimental custom ceramics and jewels shaped by online users, Google maps carved into wood, lamps shaped by the fight with a punchbag, 3D printing machines that print themselves.

The event celebrates new forms, technologies and design processes to urge companies and designers towards new insights.

Conference photos may be found here.


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