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MCOR Exhibits in the UK

MCOR, who market a unique 3D printer based on paper media, have been doing significant marketing lately. This time they are participating at the 100% Design Exhibition in London, taking place at Earl's Court between Sept 24th and 27th. This "world-class interiors show" apparently draws more than 25,000 attendees.

According to MCOR's press release, they've been invited to produce 3D objects for two parties:

  • Hector Serrano (objects to reduce carbon footprint)
  • Redesign's Doing It for the Kids (sustainable toys and other play resources)

If you have wondered what quality a 3D paper printer can produce, we'd encourage you to drop by this exhibition.

By the way, MCOR's flagship product, the MCOR Matrix, is "currently available for sale in Ireland and the UK and will be rolled out globally commencing in Q1 2010".

Via MCOR and 100% Design (Hat tip to Deirdre)

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