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UP! A Personal Portable 3D Printer

We're surprised to see yet another ultra-low cost 3D Printer appear: the UP! Personal Portable 3D Printer by PP3DP. It is indeed priced very low: only USD$1500 for an assembled version (at least for the first 100 orders received, which may have occurred by time this post runs). 
Here's the specs:
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Build chamber: 140mm x 140mm x 135mm (slightly larger than a MakerBot)
  • Software: Windows only
  • Accuracy: 0.2mm
  • Weight 5Kg
  • Size: 24.5cm x 26.0cm x 35.0 cm (small enough to "pack in a suitcase")
  • Accessories: 1.5lbs ABS, digital models
  • Standard price: USD$2990
THis appears to be another RepRap-derived 3D Printer, set to compete head on with Bits From Bytes' RapMan, as PP3DP mentions schools, labs and others as their target market. We've seen no reports from users yet, but we're sure they'll show up soon. 
BTW, they come in many different colors, too!
Via PP3DP and Ponoko (Hat tip to Kristen)

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