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3D Printed Couture Shoes

Designer Marloes ten Bhömer is well-known for her unorthodox shoe designs, and now she's apply 3D printing technology to her craft. Pictured above is her latest creation, the Rapidprototypedshoe, showing at the Design Museum Holon in Israel until January 8th. 
The shoe was designed in Rhino and printed on an Objet Connex500. We believe this is the only printer capable of printing this shoe because the Objet has multi-material capability. In other words, both soft and hard materials can be printed at the same time - obviously important when creating shoes that must fit comfortably on your feet. 
The shoe is visually interesting, but also includes some unique features: 
Rapidprototypedshoe is built in one go, but consist of two different materials. The concept of the shoe is based on the idea of the absence of assembly work in Rapid Manufacturing, however the shoe is designed in such a way, that it can be dismantled for the purpose of replacing parts. 
And of course, the shoe always fits the wearer. 

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