The Fabbster 3D Printer

A new personal 3D printer has suddenly emerged at this week’s Euromold conference: The Fabbster. 
The company behind Fabbster is Germany-based Sintermask, makers of larger commercial powder-based 3D printers. They say they wish to give everyone the power to make things at home: “Join the Revolution”. It appears that they’re now venturing into the personal market as they (like us) see a burgeoning market. Perhaps they don’t want to be left behind?
At the moment they offer only one model of personal 3D printer in the Fabbster line: the 11-1. Their website doesn’t specify much about the device, but the model name apparently is secret code to reveal device characteristics: 11 is the number of litres in the build chamber, suggesting dimensions of perhaps 25 x 25 x 18 cm or 21 x 21 x 25 cm. At that size it would one of the largest build chambers available for personal 3D printers. 
The “1” in the model name indicates the number of extruders: 1. However, according to Fabbster: 
there are numerous extensions to customize the Fabbster. You can add elongations to the x- and z-axis of the machine and you can mount multiple extrusion nozzles, so you can print with 4 materials simultaneously.
We presume the device prints in ABS/PLA plastic and at that price it’s likely Fabbster 11-1 is a kit rather than an assembled version. We’ll be seeking more information about the Fabbster soon. 
Another interesting twist is Fabbster’s software: They have partnered with NetFabb to produce geode to drive the device. NetFabb is a very comprehensive system so could be a terrific match. However, we’ve heard there has been some issues using NetFabb to drive other printers such as the BFB 3000, so we hope Fabbster has found solutions. 
The new device goes on sale for €1000 (USD$1350) on 29 March, a price in line with similar products. 
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